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Archive for February 2018

Press Release: Bill allowing starvation, dehydration of dementia patients passes, on to gov. desk

March 2019 Update: HB 4135 was signed into law in 2018. The Oregon Legislature is currently attempting to further expand the law. Please go here for the latest. Salem, OR– Today House Bill 4135 passed the Oregon Senate (17-12). While the stated intent of the bill’s authors was to update the advance directive, it also paves the way for healthcare representatives to…

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HB 4135 Passes, Gov. Desk Next

Today House Bill 4135 passed the Oregon Senate, 17-12, in a party line vote. While the authors’ stated intent was to update the advance directive, it also paves the way for healthcare representatives to remove access to food and water for vulnerable Oregonians with dementia and Alzheimer’s. “Oregonians should be able to trust their elected…

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

“How do you do it?” “ What is it like to lobby?”  “I couldn’t do that.”  These are statements I have heard many times in the past few weeks as I have interacted with many pro-life Oregonians.  Part of my job as executive director is to work with our team at the Oregon Capitol, which…

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HB 4135 Passes House, Scheduled for Senate Hearing

House Bill 4135, if signed into law, would endanger Oregonians with dementia and Alzheimer’s, allowing their healthcare representatives to remove their access to food and water. HB 4135 passed the Oregon House Friday, 35-25, split across party lines. It has been scheduled for a public hearing and work session in the Senate Judiciary Committee, tomorrow…

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Update on HB 4135 Hearing


Yesterday afternoon, the House Health Care Committee heard HB 4135, a bill which we have been sounding the alarm about because of how it endangers patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s.  The hearing made it clear that the bill has serious flaws and a committee vote was delayed until tomorrow morning! We want to thank the thousands of pro-life…

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