Press Release: Bill allowing starvation, dehydration of dementia patients passes, on to gov. desk

March 2019 Update: HB 4135 was signed into law in 2018. The Oregon Legislature is currently attempting to further expand the law. Please go here for the latest.

Salem, OR– Today House Bill 4135 passed the Oregon Senate (17-12). While the stated intent of the bill’s authors was to update the advance directive, it also paves the way for healthcare representatives to remove access to food and water for vulnerable Oregonians with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

“Oregonians should be able to trust their elected officials to act in their best interests,” said Lois Anderson, ORTL executive director. “This bill is a betrayal of that trust. The brief hearings held in committee showed significant problems with the bill, especially the testimony from doctors who know well what Oregonian patients need.”

HB 4135 originally passed the Oregon House February 16, 35-25, in a party line vote. The bill is now on its way to the governor.


  1. According to Senator Prozanski this bill HB 4135 was a work in progress. The passing of this complicated bill is very sad. Does the bill cover stroke victims, accident victims or witnesses to a crime? God sees the true intent of this bill. It is not simple to understand like Senator Hayward said it would be. At the very end of the bill it seems like the rights of the patient and their health representative can be removed.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Thanks for the comment on our website.

      Yes, the passage of this bill is sad, because it was rushed through with little regard for the consequences. To our knowledge, this bill could affect anyone with an advance directive who becomes mentally incapable but is not dying. Dementia patients are the most obvious example, but others may be affected as well, such as an accident victim.

      We will be providing information in the future on our recommendations for how to best protect yourself and those you love if the governor signs the bill into law.

      David Kilada
      Political Director

        1. Yes. Hospitals have been pushing premature death of patients for years. The doctor cringed when I called starving a patient (my daughter) murder.

          1. Yes, its murder any way you look at it. How can these officials live with themselves knowing they are trying to make it legal to kill a human being.

          2. I agree, it is murder to not give access to food/nutrients. The nursing facility my dad was at withheld fluids when he was clearly dehydrated. He died days later. I’m still angry and YES I believe they killed him. Bills like these need serious consideration, several revisions for clarity, and time for debate.

          3. Oh Pamala I am so saddened that happed to your daughter. Of course it is murder.

          4. Florida law allowed Terri Shivo to be dehydrated & starved to death by her vengeful husband.

          5. @Lee. It’s already legal to kill humans. It’s called abortion and it was made legal decades ago. This is a result of abortion being made legal. Human life means nothing anymore. It’s sad, very sad.

          6. it is barbaric.
            unfortunately it is also a sign of the times.
            it also shows quite graphically why humans are kept in a sequestured statis by other higher evolved species in the galaxy.
            i am very sorry to hear about your daughter, you have my sympathy and condolences….
            please know that dear one.

          1. Lee, they already made it legal to murder. It’s called abortion and this is the result of THAT law being passed.

          2. If they are so heartless that they allow murder of helpless and defenseless babies, they are not going to flinch at letting elderly or injured people die.

          3. Depriving humans of food and water results in a horrible death. So, being as compassionate as the “providers” are, they dope up the patient so their cruelty isn’t obvious. Not to help the patient, but to not allow the family to see what a barbaric thing they have done to their loved one. There would be a revolt if they knew.

          1. How I’m the hell can this even be legal???? It makes me question my grandmother’s death….. Was she really capable to survive when we were told she would not? Ould have she been able to do dialysis and still be with us???? My grandmother had altzhimers. And she was not a problem to any one. She was the most beautiful, loving, caring kind hearted woman I have ever known. I swear if I find out that was pushed on her because of shit like this will pay for that. I have 0 trust I. Theedical field. I have 0 trust in assisted living homes…. And now this…… God damn what’s next should we just start drowning people when we find out there’s any thing wrong wit there mind???? Is that next??

          2. When my dad was end of life from kidney failure the dr only talked about him going home on hospice, which would not allow dialysis, I said no way and he was with us in his home for 10 more months. That was birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Super Bowl, etc. The Drs are part of insurance not wanting to pay for the healthcare of the elderly. Evil.

          3. I MUST ask… when you say “shame on THEM” who exactly are you referring to?? The ELECTED representatives who We The People have PLACED / ALLOWED IN OFFICE???

            We would ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL do well to remember that in politics we get EXACTLY the government we deserve according to our ever increasing TOTAL APATHY as a nation over the past several decades.

            ANY TIME you point at a politician to place all the blame on for the demise of our great republic, there are 3 FINGERS pointing back at you!!

            Do you really think that the continuously increasing ignorance in this country of our early American history and especially our CONSTITUTIONAL history is all just a big accident???

            Do you REALLY think the billions of dollars pumped every single year into the promotion of pro sports, reality TV, Pokimon, or just about EVERYTHING ELSE that helps to keep us all SEVERELY distracted from paying VERY CLOSE attention at all times to our “elected representatives” is all just a big coincidence???

            DOES A N Y B O D Y remember how hard our founders of this nation tried to warn us that if America is ever destroyed it will NOT be by foreign invasion but by the greedy and treasonous acts of DOMESTIC enemies and traitors to our republic


            We have EXACTLY the government we deserve based on OUR OWN INVOLVEMENT and participation, or lack there of in this system of government that is supposed to be “Of the people, BY THE PEOPLE, and for the people”!!

            The very same people who will rant and rave all day long and argue til blue in the face that America is the freest nation in the world and will tell you how “lucky” we all are to have such liberty and freedoms, in many cases will turn around and openly admit, almost brag, that THEY don’t do politics, they HATE politics, politics is just not their thing etc. etc.

            This IS certainly one of the greatest oxymorons I’ve EVER encountered in all of my lifetime!! Even Plato from thousands of years ago knew that

            “The price of apathy towards public affairs is TO BE RULED BY TYRANTS”!!!

            What’s going on right now is FAR too little, way WAY too late!!!

          4. 1JeffT says…
            Do not forget who controls the official’s once they are in office. It is no longer we the people but in place it is big business that pulls the strings and in this case I would say the medical industry.

          1. Isn’t that the truth. Can kill a baby as it is coming out to see this world. So sad

          2. Murdering unborn children has long been championed by women, who told us men to “shut up!” because we are men. Mostly the same people who vehemently denounce the inherent justice of capital punishment as “government sanctioned murder.”
            Hypocrisy knows no shame.
            Oregon had the first Kevorkian law – assisted suicide, i.e. “Death With Dignity Law”.
            It appears life is cheap in Oregon.
            1JeffT hit the nail on the head in his assessment of “shame on who”. Stop watching entertainment TV. Start watching news shows. Be informed than be entertained. Know American history, know civics, know the four branches of government, understand. Stop being sad. Be Enraged!


          1. Yes, Debra. I Save the TREES, Kill the children and elderly!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHhhhh!!! It upsets me so much!! HUMAN life seems to have lost all its VALUE!!!! NOT!!! Human life is MORE valuable than all the trees in the world!!!

          2. So it’s save the unborn child, and kill the elderly or incapacitated? I believe priorities of politicians are finally in their deepest darkest path… I fear for what’s next, what they mark is all right.

          1. I am in no way in favor of this bill, but I have seen many many dementia sufferers lose interest in eating. It appears as if they don’t recognize what food is when presented to them. I have seen tremendous efforts to get the person to try to eat, with the result being anger, spitting out the food, hitting out. No matter what coaxing was done, they wouldn’t eat. A Physician i worked with said that at a point, the body just doesn’t need nourishment. He also said that the process was not painful. I’ve always found that trying different items, encouraging them to eat, but accepting their refusals as the most dignified.
            This is probably not the intended purpose of the bill, but wanted to share.

          2. There is a vast difference between offering someone food who turns it down and thus naturally wastes away and the WITHHOLDING of nutrition because someone isn’t thinking right!!!!!!!!

        2. Its all they want now is ways to kill off the population. Its sad that these patients don’t know who they are day to day but now they cant even trust that someone will keep them safe

          1. My grandma died from altzhimers, she couldn’t eat like you and I. So she was shringe feed ensure everyday to get the nursishment she need. We keep track of how much she got daily. Her Dr was fine with it. She still drank juice that way, and milk. She just didn’t know how to chew food. Once in a while she would spit it out, and we would have to remind her to swallow, then she was fine. Shame on these people for doing these people this way. I’m sure HELL will have a special place for them.

          2. I agree and with what has happened to my Mother it is unconscionable for a BROKEN system that allows taking away human rights without evidence of incapacitation & means NONE of us really have rights in our supposed justice system. She is declining so fast from mismanagement & incompetent medical care not to mention unnecessary court appointed guardianship system is a nightmare! I will only stay to help get her out of this legal mess &help her but I’m kinda DONE with this country that is nothing but a bunch of money hungry predators in the medical & legal fields & offers NO protections!!

        3. Why is not murder? Please explain this. I’ll tell you why it is murder by simply refusing to feed someone for the purpose of killing is murder. Read the legal definition of murder. Being a doctor or being at a hospital is irrelevant. Your turn.

        4. Yes if that person signs a will to be a certain way it should be the way they want it I am going through this with my mother it is not fair for any one to change there wisheseverytime mom goes to hospitial she is to ill or she has to many problems well you do not have the right to say

        5. Yeah it is and I’m so sickened by the fact that they think it’s okay. Would they want to starve their own kids I think not. So why would they want to pass this law? It makes no sense to me.

          1. Seriously, people that are terminally ill have tried to die and the government won’t let them. Now they want to starve to death poor dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Mind you I don’t agree With them being killed at all, and YES it is premeditated murder. I believe everyone have a purpose in life until Our Lord takes us home. But with all the technology today why in the world would do the most inhumane thing as starve someone to death, and this is doctors And government officials. Sounds to me like our country is turning into Nazi Germany.

        6. No, murder is the killing of 1 person. Killing humans because they are members of some definable class is properly termed Genocide and judged to be Crimes against humanity. This is pretty sick legislation I would think people would realize could have really bad ramifications down the road.

        7. Sounds like it to me. If a person is tired of taking care of someone they can just starve them to death. What a horrible thing to do to another human being.

        8. You bet it is the same as murder!
          I want to know how this bill could even be considered. I guess the Congress in this State does not care about the teachings of Jesus. How about our USA constitution? Is this bill to be putto is he voting public nod this State?

      1. It is INHUMANE AND IT IS SO MURDER. My mom passed recently from Dementia & Parkinson’s. I would SUE anyone that would’ve “tried” that with my mom. Or showed them how it feels! #MURDERISMURDERNOMATTERHOWYOUWORDIT

      2. This is murder in the first degree and how can people in the white house be this cruel and inhuman and I thought NYC was the pits of hell but but whomsoever passes this bill will pass them and California in hell on earth God Have Mercy On the Patients

          1. Hey I live in Florida but I am very concerned about this. Someone plz correct me if I am wrong but as it stands right now it is legal to starve dementia patients? And this new bill they are coming out with talking about expanding what does that mean? Because if yall are trying to say that these bills are true and they are in fact murdering people I wanna know. Because heres something you may or may not know…FEDERAL LAWS OVERRIDE STATE LAWS!!!!!!I do however understand that if its the patients wishes to die then so be it. But to withhold food and hydration is inhumane and causes a SLOW painful death. Who wants that??? Plz reply let me.know the answers to my questions n this comment. Thank you, sincerely concerned in Florida…SHERRY FILLER

        1. This is in Oregon’s legislature – nothing to do with the White House. Maybe you should re-read the article before tossing out negative “White House” comments

      3. Didn’t Kavorkian go to prison for suicide assist? What’s the damn difference here. Starving a patient is PAINFUL!!!! At least Kavorkians way they went quick and peaceful!!!

        1. Glad I moved to WA State a year ago! But I grew up in OR, first part of my life, and this me very sad and angry! Wish I could vote on it!

      4. Make sure you move out of Oregon before dementia sets in.

        Why have we become such a hardened country that we disregard and terminate the lives of those that need our safety and protection most?

      5. Insurance companies push the agenda. The lobbyist are running the show
        We need to start to sue and charge malpractice for lack of care
        One day it we’ll be theses politicians that is trying to communicate to a nurse or doctor while they are leaving them stranded

      6. So many that are younger are afflicted with early dementia these days.(AKA Autism) Thanks to pharma and their toxin laden vaccines which increase yearly. I felt this was coming folks. Wake the hell up!! Creating customers from birth until grave. #Pharmakeia

        1. Vaccinations have nothing to do with Autism and even if they did I would rather have my highly intelligent autistic son than a son that is either dead or completely crippled from a completely preventable disease.

      7. There is still a seperation of church and state. Playing God is not for legislators. They suffer enough. They will feel it all. How can anyone think that they won’t.

      8. I guess, just like the constitution, the Hippocratic oath is being done away with too! But, by all means let’s celebrate the pedophile’s rights! It breaks my heart to see all of this stuff.

      9. What was the party or individuals that passed this law?…
        It’s complete inhuman…
        What happened to the “United Nations December 10, 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights” ?…

        1. The Democrats have a supermajority in Oregon. They also control the governor’s office. Every Republican opposed this bill.

      10. The other end of the ‘slippery slope’ of Abortion/Infanticide! God’s judgment on the USA for this GREATEST SIN has already begun!

      11. This is total B .S! You all who passed it better hope you don’t get dementia or Alzheimers!
        You too will grow old Morons!

      12. There are so many things wrong with this idiotic idea. So you are saying, because someone with alsheimers /dementia , they can be starved to death, a painfully horrible death, because their memory is gone? Seriously? They still have the capability of feeling pain idiots. Watch the movie, Soylent green. You will see what our government is aiming for. (It is an old movie, but you can find it)

    2. Nazi Germany?!!!
      Who would have ever dreamed this would even have been considered here in the USA!!!

      1. Well, they have been doing it to babies for quite some time. If you want to get the public to go along with a bad idea you start small and take baby steps from there.

    3. Amen. Schweitzer warned us that you either value all life, or you value none. In which you determine what your own life is worth…..

    4. An older lady here in Minnesota had a severe stroke about 3 years ago. The adult children were told that she could either be placed in a nursing home or she could go to Hospice. They were told she would last about 3 days in Hospice. In the nursing home she could languish for a long time. They chose hospice. It wasnt the hospice that I had seen. They placed her in a room in the nursing home. And withheld food AND water. So she became dehydrated, which I have heard is very painful. Oh, they gave her pain pills. It took about 3 days. That was NOT my idea of hospice.

      1. Her adult children must be brain dead….with proper care, her life expectancy should be the same no matter where she was placed.

    5. So when the parents get dementia, the kids who may be left money in their parents will be able to let their parents starve to death and reap the rewards. A wonderful woman in my life had dementia and her sister knew it. Sister had this woman go to the attorney’s office-not the original lawyer for my friend and had a will drawn up making her the executor and the sole beneficiary of my friends property worth over $1,000,000.00. She then put my friend in a dementia unit and just waited for her to die. THIS IS A DISGUSTING BILL and if the governor sign’s it She is a real piece of work! She better hope she does not get dementia because you reap what you sow.

    6. my bio-father passed away Feb.2018. I sent for his death certificate and was shocked to see right on the certificate that he died from DEHYDRATION while in a medical care facility with dementia. THIS sure looks like euthanasia. So with our without this bill, its already happening. I am horrified.

    7. First it’s babies born alive they want to kill,now it is senior citizens – WHAT IN HEAVENS NAME WILL BE NEXT? They also want to ban cigarettes yet they want marijuana (something that fries your brain vs.frying ones lungs) to be legal and then there are those magic mushrooms. LORD HAVE MERCY ON THESE PEOPLE.

      1. If the people wanted to stop this vote these people out of office

        But to many will not remember this at the polls and re-elect the same people right back into office

    8. This needs to get a ruling from the Supreme Court. All have a right to LIFE, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    9. It’s downright SHAMEFUL, THAT a Human life can be voted on by Politicians to make a decision on who is to live and who is to die; ONLY GOD HAS THAT CALL

    10. My father died of Lewi body dementia and I have been a nurse in memory care for 18 years. My dad explained to me during a time he was lucid that he knew what he wanted to say and he knew how he wanted his body to move but no matter how hard he tried his brain distorted his intentions. What the state of Oregon is doing is murder and not only is it murder but it is a very painful and undignified way to die. Not eating and not drinking during end stages of dementia is usually very common the body forgets to eat or drink and it is a process only God should govern. As a nurse and a Christian I would not be able to do this to any patient.

    11. This is a diffcult subject for me because I have a mother with advancing Alzheimer’s. First you must know the disease and how it works. They have discovered not only the plaque like substance in the synapses and but the brain is shrinking. She is beginning to have problems eating choking as she cant remember how to swallow. They asked me if i wanted a tube in stomach called a j tube inserted surgically that she could pull out. So try to swallow and choke or pull out tube. Same with fluids for IV. She is 86 does not know anyone and gets worse every day. I love her with all my heart. But this is not the life she wants. She watched her father and 2 sisters waste away from this disease. She asked if I would shoot her when she got that bad. Even when I am there holding her she is alone. Lost in a world that is not of her choosing. Is it cruel is it murder just to allow nature to take its course? No faced with the decisions because I am the oldest I said no tubes. I have had to do this for 2 other family members. I am comfortable with my choice as I believe it would be hers as well

      1. I also watched, and took care of my mother when she died! She was 98 1/2, and she was just tired of living! But it was HER choice! She woke up one day and said I’m tired! She quit eating and drinking – it took her 18 days! She had outlived five brothers and sisters and all but one of their spouses! She had outlived my father and 11 brothers and sisters and ALL of their spouses! She had outlived nearly all of her friends! She was alone except for me, my two sisters rarely visited. She was just tired of living! But again, it was HER choice, not some politicians!

    12. It is murder! Remember, Governor, if you should ever be in a situation like this. You’re in the same boat, right? Prisoners are treater better. Geez!!

    13. Do these old farts passing this,not realize,this could be them?… I’m sure they’re kin would assume let them die then to have to take care of them & they’re own children too…dumbies

    14. I will think if I’m ever a retiree in Oregon, I’m going to make sure I have Domino’s on speed dial, and automatically deliver, debting my checking acct-so that I don’t ever starve to death. That’s not right.

      1. I want my family to let me go at this point and will have it written into my advanced directive. My whole life has been suffering, and with the crack down on opioids for true pain patients, its gotten even worse. I am almost bed bound at 47 and nobody will help. That being said it should be the persons choice while completely lucid.

    15. Murder plain and simple. This bill places the state in the position of playing God and determining the value of a human being based on their health. Medical Discrimination. Laws that protect animals are stronger than those that protect the infirm and weak.

    16. You are right. My brother and our family had absolutely no say in this for my mom in August 2020. She did not have anything in her will stating she wanted to be treated like this. One of the nurses actually had the nerve to say that they weren’t starving my mom, that’s what the Nazi’s did to the Jews. The very definition of starvation is to withhold food, and dehydration occurs when you withhold fluids. My mom died on the morning of the 10th day of no fluids or food.

  2. Thank you. I look forward to hearing how we can protect ourselves from this bill. I pray that we can elect more life respecting people to office and make amendments to this bill to change the situation for the better. If we can’t get rid of the committee this bill created we should change it to include people that truly care about life on the committee.
    I hope everyone would make this a matter of prayer.

  3. This is another step closer to letting the government decide who lives and who dies. First it was the abortion babies, then the babies living after a failed abortion and now old people with various illnesses! God will punish these people who have passed these bills. He will not forget it! And neither should we!

  4. This is no different than what happened in Nazi Germany! This and abortion to almost full term babies! Stand up good people of America for those who need us! It’s legalized murder!

    1. Before you start spouting off about full term abortions, please educate yourself. The only “abortions” that are late term are in medical emergencies or due to non fetal viability only. Every state has laws on this. In Texas, when my daughter’s water broke at 19 weeks, the State FORCED her to sign for abortion before doctors could induce labor. Her baby boy had Trisomy 18 and, if he had made it to full term, he would have died within an hour of birth. We held our dead grandchild and my daughter is grieving the loss of her baby. When you just blurt out that these situations are “murder”…when they are just horrible things that can happen in any pregnancy…you are just punishing grieving mothers even more. There is no such thing as abortion after birth or late term abortions. They are all horrible circumstances that you or your family never want to endure and are the reason that these decisions should be between the parents, doctors and families.

      My daughter has to go for a yearly exam and her record (the papers she signs when arriving in the office) states that she has had one abortion.

      She wanted her baby boy more than life itself. People should aware.

      1. That’s so so upsetting, Cheryl. We are so sorry that happened. For the record, we don’t use the word “murder” when referring to abortion. We understand every situation is unique and usually quite painful. That being said, there definitely are late-term abortions (there have even been articles written by those who have had them that you can find online).

        As for “abortions after birth,” you can look up Kermit Gosnell to see what that refers to. By that, many also mean when a child has been born alive during an abortion and they withhold treatment or care until the baby dies. (This is also done purposefully at OHSU when they induce a woman then let the baby die.)

        Again, we are sorry for what you and your family went through. However, that does not make the law correct or moral or just.

      2. You are mistaken there have been babies born alive after a late term abortion. NY passed a law that allows abortion all the way to birth and that if a baby survives the abortion there is no mandate to provide medical assistance. 144 survivors of late term abortion recently testified in congress and asked for support of the Baby Born Alive Protection Act which was voted DOWN.

      3. Trisomy babies can live if given the chance. Most Drs. don’t believe they are worth fighting for but many trisomy babies live. I have a friend whose son is in NICU acted being born a trisomy baby. She was told by doctors to abort. She refused left it up to God. If all continues as is now he will go home 1st of June. It j hasn’t been an easy road and won’t be but they wouldn’t change their decision.

  5. I would think it would be a family decision not a health care rep.
    I myself consider it murder to just decide not to feed someone who can still eat.

    1. Yes it is murder. Withholding food & water is starvation, elder abuse, and when the person dies, they were murdered.

      1. yes it is. My mom just died 2 weeks ago after 10 days with no food or fluids, courtesy of this bill. That was NOT her wish and our family had absolutely nothing to say about it.

  6. Speaking from personal experience. Dementia patients can stop eating and refuse food. You can’t force food on an individual. If they are thirsty they will drink and its the responsibility of the facility to provide adequate hydration. Problem is they don’t provide enough hydration, they aren’t aware of the problem and dementia patients can’t communicate their needs. Dementia patients die and there are few things that will extend their life. Even with personal care and assistance they will die due to refusing food and drink. Let the nature of the patient prevail without interventions to force feed to keep the alive.

      1. I agree. This will be a slippery slope. So does this bill make it up to the doctor’s discretion to withhold food and water, even if it’s against the patient’s wishes? I sure hope not. Maybe I’m miss understanding this? I would think that would be a terrible and inhumane way to die.

    1. Len, you can have dementia or Alzheimers very young ….this bill does not make provision for refusal or ‘not knowing to eat’. just a death sentence with no accountability. not good.

      1. This is murder!! Only God can say when our time is up not government laws trying to cut down on cost! I would never have allowed this with my parents and I know my children will fight to the end to stop this if it’s me! All those agreeing to this will answer to our good Lord for ever agreeing to this! May God Help us as we get older!

        1. I agree. I see the future is becoming much like Hitler’s Germany. Get rid of the old, the disabled, the mentally handicapped who can’t speak for themselves. Read Adgenda 21. There is a contempt for human life that is starting to rear it’s ugly head and it will only get worse. God will judge those who partake in it.

    2. My momma did NOT refuse. She was denied in the hospital. She was eating and drinking just fine before DHS got involved and tricked my brother into taking her to the hospital for a supposed bowel blockage that did not exist. Once there they would not even give her an IV

  7. In 1994 after working on the Death with Dignity act for a few months, I heard myself shout out “What about Life with Dignity?” To which several people around stopped what they were doing long enough to stare at me – leaving me with quite a horrible feeling.

    day after day I would hear DWD, DWD, DWD, DWD… until my soul ached. And my cry went unheard.

    These people were really monsters under their skins. They did not get it. Life is life.

    I was summarily fired a few weeks later.

    I do not understand the reason anyone would come up with such a bill. You must look deeper into the atmosphere and environment that produced this type of legislation. WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY and HOW – ?????? was responsible for its gestation? Clearly there is more afoot than the starvation of dementia patients.

    Complete ignorance and evil. Start there. You all sit on a wealth of information about the region – look there. Did you all know that the Willamette Valley is known as the valley of death and disease?

    Well, it appears to have entered the brains of those who supported this bill as an active virus.

    1. WTF you put DR. Jack kavorkian in jail for helping people end their lives quickly, now you want to starve people into a slow death like the nazi did in Auschwitz.

  8. This is pure murder..I have dementia my family would never allow this to happen to me.. remember you maybe in this situation one day or a love one think before you pass a horrible bill.

  9. It’s time to vote these completely insensitive government officials out of power forever! Call the Governor’s office and ask him to veto this, or vote him out too~!

    1. It is actually to late for Oregon, because our Governor was just re-elected and she has already signed this bill, if I have read and understood it correctly.
      We have to move forward from here to correct this immoral act by voting out those responsible, but above all, seek first GODS WISDOM and lean wholly on JESUS NAME.

    1. This bill reminds me of back in the late 80’s when they passed the bill to use unborn babies for study and for research of stem cells..most said that they didn’t believe this be limited and now they use the cells for everthing from looking younger, erectile disfunction to making vaccines ect. Now we are facing legal murder for anyone that has an illness or handicap, so now the question is the limition? If they are killing younger people will they use their organs for transplantation?
      Stem cells of babies are for profit, vaccines are for profit and the organ transplant business is for profit…well since some of the States are also passing bills to make fertilizer out of human remains they can go into the fertilizer business too


  11. Like to know why you people want to vote people in that want to kill old people and even children after birth. What has happened to the American people and why are you letting your governors senators get away with doing the things that they’re doing every life matters. Soon they’re going to be coming after the children that have autism retardation or mental problems and They will. want to eliminate them too. American people you got a stand up and you got a fight we cannot let this happen

  12. This is pure evil in my opinion and I had to watch my father take his last breaths after being denied food and water for 6 day. There was no dignity in that at all. He was scared and didn’t know why they weren’t feeding him. He had Parkinson’s and a bitch for a wife who forged his medical power of attorney and when it was caught the hospital still gave her healthcare decision making rights. Since they rescinded her fake medical power of attorney, she went and signed a DNR which was against my father’s beliefs. She had control over everything, we were not even allowed to know about his health records. She used his dementia against him too when Dad would ask her when they were going to eat supper and she would just laugh at him and say “we already ate.” He was underweight, why couldn’t he eat again if they really did in fact eat dinner? He died weighing 108 lbs. All in one year. Right after he received a settlement from the VA for injuries he sustained in the Korean War. So basically she scheduled his death at a time convenient for her. All these laws need to be changed and Adult Protective Services, law enforcement, and medical personnel all need to do their jobs.

  13. The more I read what democrats are doing, the more I really dislike them. This is utterly reprehensible…..

  14. My cousin/dear friend told me 5 days ago that when she took a morals and theology class in 1969, that instructor said that a society that will kill its babies will also kill their elderly. And….here we are.

  15. The government has no right meddling in such a personal issue. The families of those who suffer from these horrible diseases need to have the final say. It is important for families to have the necessary legal documents while their loved ones are still cognizant to make decisions about for when the day comes. Not the government. Get out of our personal business. My mother has dementia and lives with us and I will be damned if anyone decides to cut off her food and water to starve her to death. No way. My heart hurts at the thought of this.

  16. This is MURDER plain and simple.Legislators DON’T speak for everyone they just THINK they can.Birth Life Death…..our choices our business.They need to butt out

  17. Wtf really this is sick!!! But they will feed criminals who are in prison 3 meals a day!!! And homeless shelters of mostly people with addiction!!! Or laziness not to work!!! How can this be real you can’t just go starving people let them hungry and in pain and drugged to dye..

  18. As soon as the first death results from actions taken under this bill the persons withholding food and/or water AND all who voted for this as well as the Govenor should be charged with murder.

  19. People, everyone needs to wake up and pay attention and stand up for what is right and wrong. It doesn’t matter if you are Democrats or Republicans, black, white or in between. Speack up to the wrongs and let’s fix these stupid laws. Your life may be the next someone decided needs to be snuffed out.
    My mother passed away a year ago Christmas from dementia. That was horrible to watch. In the end she couldn’t swallow anymore. But she lingered for 10 days without food or water because her brain forgot how to swallow not someone keeping her from it.
    But we have a very big problem in this country. With the political fighting and some of the most unfeeling people in government wanting to take away healthcare and do away with poor and underprivileged and people of color it is truly a sad state of affairs. Some of these people say they’re religious church going people. Yet they are attacking those who need our help the most. Did you all forget the 10 commandments. Maybe you need to read the Bible. Because there are many in government who seem to have forgotten.

  20. This is insane. As a nurse, I have seen families in denial. Dementia causes people to lose swallowing abilities thus allowing food to go into the lungs resulting in aspiration pneumonia which can and often leads to death. However to just withhold food and liquids is wrong if patient can still eat safely.

  21. If an advanced directive signed by the individual, states comfort measures- that would be feeding, and giving fluid, as long as they willingly open there mouths, and accepts food. Otherwise, I have to go with the flow, and say it would be murder otherwise. What type of people have we put into office. Thankfully, most family members are not cruel, and deranged

    1. “I have to go with the flow” WHAT THE HELL does “the flow” have to do with what is actually moral and upright vs what’s just WRONG and immoral??

      Is that what we’ve all been doing at the polls for the past several decades?? Is THAT how America has wound up where we are today?? Because the NFL, or NBA, or American Idol was just FAR more interesting at the time than doing the needed homework well BEFORE election day??? …So just, “go with the flow” as present to us on TV and newspaper headlines by the LYING FAKE MEDIA???

      Thousands of years ago Plato said “The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be RULED BY TYRANTS!!

      ….but hey, if we’re simply not able to self rescue from the apathy, we can always just “go with the flow”. SMH x 1000

  22. This is not our decision – this is God’s decision. I believe we must take care of our elderly as long as they are able.

  23. What in the hell gives any state the right to determine someone’s family member’s fate if they have dementia or alzheimers disease or anything else like that?????? The state is not paying for their care unless they have state assistance, bit that does not give them the right to murder someone by starvation, it is NOT the choice of the state, it is the family member’s choice to care for them!!!!!! Also the state is NOT paying for their care if they have insurance or anything else like that!!!!!!! No one has the right to determine how people live even if they have an age related issue where it is out of their control, the state does NOT have the right to murder someone due to age related issues by starvation or any other method of murder!!!!!! All I can say is, I am glad that none of my family lives in Oregon and if they do, I hope that they move out of the state before that issue comes up with any of the family members because that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of in my life!!!!!!! No state has that right at all!!!!!!!! Why don’t any state official who voted for this, go to prison for murder??????? It’s just like someone who pullsout a knife or a gun and uses it to kill someone!!!!!! You people are the most ignorant and inconsiderate assholes to determine someone’s fate even when they are not your own flesh and blood!!!!!!!!I HAVE A SUGGESTION, “” STOP PLAYING GOD “”, YOU DO NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Hey Julie, while you are busy trying to call out Republicans and the current administration for uncaring things, I’d have to correct your obliviousness to the fact that it’s the Democrats that are proposing these types of bills….including the late term abortion bills. Get your head outta your butt.

    1. Did they ever think of a feeding tube for nutrition and hydration ? You are Absolutely right and next it will be the elderly period. Once they reach a certain age such as 70 they will be denied medical surgeries and treatments. Then it will be anyone with any type of disability or abnormalities will be denied any medical necessity or surgery and so on and so on. Looked at as a burden and unnecessary expense. Charity begins at home. Meanwhile, we have Seniors barely making it on SS and homeless veterans and homeless men, women and children that will remain in the gutters until one of two things happen. (1). Vote out All Democratsin office that are fighting to bring in a socialist country. (Or) (2). A civil war comes about. Democrats are taking the US straight to hell in a hand basket. ‍♀️

  25. This is not right at all.Where would this end?Strokes,accidents,I have a grand child who eats through their stomach tube,does that mean in 2 years legal age,it would be alright to starve them.What if I have another stroke.This is MURDER,who gets to make these decions?This is very wrong.Who ever thinks this is a good idea.lets see your reaction when its you on the receiving end of this law!

  26. I was devastated and shocked when I read about this expanded bill on facebook. Where do politicians come off thinking they are God or even God-like?!
    My mom passed away 11 months ago from dementia and I moved home to help care-give for the last 5 years of her life. While we went through highs and lows learning to cope with dementia (since it affects not only the patient, but the family members as well), I wouldn’t have wanted to miss the honor of caring for the woman that gave me life.
    From personal experience, we dealt with misinformation on forms, incompetent doctors, rehab facilities that had no clue as to how to treat people with dementia, misdiagnosis, and lack of support groups (just to name a few)…I would go through all that again to have my mom alive.
    All life is precious…even the struggles, trials, tears, aches and pains of experiencing an illness with your loved one. Those who voted for the bill were quick to pass judgment on a piece of legislation that should have never been written to begin with!
    I hope they can live with their decision to basically legalize murder…they can…they don’t have someone else choosing whether they can live or not.
    God bless all of you out there who have experienced what we have or been a care-giver in any capacity….Will pray for you all.

  27. I’ve been hoping to get “back home” to Oregon for several years now – that just came to a screeching halt. There is no way on God’s earth that I would move back home now. I’m 71 – My sons would fight to the death to keep me alive- my youngest has informed me that NO WAY am I going to a Care Center – I wanted to go home, when that time came, to have my mountains and my sea. And to think if I did that, I’d be starved to death!!! No no no no no! Death with Dignity is one thing, but first degree MURDER is something else entirely. What has happened to my once-Conservative beautiful home state??? This just makes me sick. My beautiful, kind, loving stepMom is still there – God help me to get her out of there! And my older sister and brother! This is evil!

    1. If you have family that would protect you, you will be very safe here, Jeannie. We are fighting for those that don’t have good guardians in their corners.

  28. infanticide of unborn children and now elders that need our help. They skipped right past socialism to Nazism. Do not give up your 2nd amendment rights Learn from The past.

  29. I lost my mother to dementia and parkinsons in Feb this year… to see her go downhill so quickly was horrible… But to be honest, right at the end, they dont need to eat, or drink. My mother was probably different, as she had a end of life care plan where she wasnt to be put on life support or revived… she was just to be kept comfortable… The kept her food and water/drink up as long as she could tolerate it, but in the end, she was choking on everything as she lost the knowledge of swallowing… The last 3 days of her life, she was comatose, she was kept comfortable with pain relief…

  30. It’s bad enough that patients are at the mercy of the insurance company’s but for legislators to have the power of who lives or dies is taking the healing hands away from the Doctors. To deliberately starve a person to death is MURDER. I don’t care what the legislators think IT’S STILL MURDER.

  31. As someone who works with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, this breaks my heart. This is disgusting and uncalled for. They have as much a right as anyone else to food and water. Their mind might not be there, but they are still human. They are someone’s significant other, parent, grandparent, sibling, friend, and/or aunt/uncle. I just couldn’t even imagine doing this to one of your patients…

  32. Everyone read what Jeff T said, guess whose fault it is that this thing passed. We all have the right to vote, and we consistently vote people like this in office. I suggest wherever you live you better find out how the “politicians” in your state feel about this. The politicians play us every election, they are counting on everyone being apathetic, head on or in a smartphone or computer and too stupid to know what is going on in the world. See how many people even know who is representing them and where they stand on issues. And those who are apathetic, and/ or those who are too stupid to find out how their representatives vote on issues are of course the first ones to point the finger. Don’t complain about how bad things are, do something to change it. I am appalled that this was even considered let alone approved. For years now we have been warned for those who listened, that this is where things are going in the US. If you are over 65 and you become ill, you are doomed. Doctors are not to do any type of life-saving surgeries and palliative treatment is the best you can hope for, you might get a meal or two, but don’t count on it. Nazi Germany all over again. I guess it is true history does repeat itself. Shame on all of us who have not been paying attention. God help us.

  33. What the Hell? Remind me never to move to Oregon! This is the height of horrible. Unbelievable. What is wrong with mankind? I just can’t believe this. Our seniors deserve all the best no matter what!

  34. murder by any other name is still murder. they are doing this in tx. just happened to my mom. they took her teeth out and then gave her food you could only eat with teeth. see how easy?

  35. Just more Obama care. Socialized medicine. Free healthcare for all. Everyone wants it until it’s explained in detail. In order for you to receive free healthcare, it has to be severely rationed somewhere else. That’s how they pay for it. Give it to young healthy folks, the elderly will die soon anyways.


  37. Nothing here says who is the majority in Oregon Senate and there is too much accusations floating because of that. Is the majority Dems or Repubs?

  38. Why is a bill like this even needed? A DNR is all a healthcare facility needs! This is so sad! Government does not always know what’s best for its citizens!!

  39. Same was done to my Mom in a nursing home. She had alzheimers but not a later stage. She got the flu and they wouldn’t feed her. She needed an IV drip for hydration and some glucose to ride this out. The conservators did not allow any intervention. So she recieved no meds, no food or water and she passed 4 days later. It’s been 3 years and she should have been able to see her Great Grand Twins reach the age of 3.

  40. This is ridiculous coming from a state that protects animals better than humans. Taking food or meds away from people is utterly Crazy and I feel that any caretaker doing this should also be required to do the same for an extended period of time before being able to administer this torture on the elderly. Of course with that being said–Thanks to the new Right To Try Executive Order signed by The President this may not be a problem. The Cure is Around the Corner!!!!

  41. We buried my mom a few days ago after the drs (insurance corps, most likely) told her she could either go to a nursing home if she wanted to continue dialysis or go home and not be allowed any more treatment. They knew she did not want to go into a nursing home, and if she has agreed, she would not have lasted long under their ‘care’. She cried a lot as she was dying, asking ‘why’, ‘what’s happening?’ and said ‘nobody asked me’. out hearts are broken, and we are enraged. this is happening to people, and will only get worse.

  42. DEMENTIA IS VERY FIXABLE,…..just shows the level of ignorance AND arrogance.

  43. here folks is the way Socialism gets its start. People better wake up and demand the governor not sign this bill. We the people are going to have to take our country back. These people in government have money so they would be taken care of and so would their family if any of this was to happen to them.

  44. As someone who wants to be able to rely on my family and medical practitioners to do the right thing by me, I will say that if I become incapacitated to the point that I cannot look after myself and have to rely on others to direct my life and take care of me, I would be grateful to know that someone would care enough to shut off the food and water so that I could leave this life quickly.
    People here are saying that it is torture… no it isn’t! Lying in bed, unable to communicate and getting bedsores for months or years is torture… cutting off water and food is three days of slight discomfort.

  45. Please every older person make sure you have a POWER OF ATTORNEY assigned for your healthcare; and use ( a person whom you can trust with your life.)

    Please do not have a (DO NOT RESUSITATE ORDER). If you do not want your life prolonged in certain circumstances please include specific instructions in your Healthcare Power of Attorney.

    And to lesson the load for your survivors; after your death: put specifics into your TRUST OR WILL.

  46. This is murder. What right do you have to decide to withhold fluids or food from someone who is already in distress. I cared for my aunt for three and half years with dementia. It was horrible watching her slip away mentally then physically as well.. You don’t do that to someone, anyone. They are already suffering more than you know. You all should be ashamed of yourself.

  47. I especially liked “Oregonians should be able to trust their elected officials to act in their best interests,” REALLY!!!!??? This is absolute murder and those who chose to pass this bill will one day answer for this.

  48. I’m just a little puzzled as to why there hasn’t been a Committee of Vigilance formed to take care of this problem once and for all.

  49. So a parent who starves their kid is prosecuted for child abuse, but a hospital who starves a patient is not? Where is the logic in that?

  50. Starvation is a horrific and painful way to die. This is premeditated murder. This is no different than what the Nazis did in the death camps.

  51. First, I want to make note we have 3 branches of government, not 4.
    Second, running to WA from OR won’t keep you safe. Euthanasia is legal in WA, as well as many other states. My niece was given poison to drink when she visited a cancer clinic in Reno to ensure her health remained. They told her it was a vitamin concoction. She vomited it up. So they said, “here, try this one.” She drank it and immediately fainted and went into a coma. They put her in life support and called the rest of the family to come see her before they pulled the plug. She never woke up, she was healthy when it happened, but had a cancerous tumor beginning to grow at the back of her brain and “they” decided the sooner she went the better. Family hid the facts from her two high school daughters. They stayed quiet about her murder because it was bad enough for the girls to lose their mother, without going through the reality of her medical murder. It was all so shocking. She had just come in from a jog and was feeling great. She lived in WA and travel to this new clinic in Reno who “specialized” in the latest treatments and touted nutrition and natural means of treating cancer. The older doctors who cared about patients are gone. Obamacare put them out of business. What we have now is a Nazi-style health system that looks at people like objects to be dealt with objectively and too many times that means putting them to death for their “own good.” This happened to my niece about six years ago.
    Two months ago they euthanized my aunt in a dementia assisted living home without her permission. She knew what was happening. They filled her with some kind of poison on an increasing scale and withheld food and water. I had been totally enjoying my daily visit with her for several months. She had slipped in shower two months prior and broke a leg. They put her in hospice. I knew she would live much longer than six months and heal up fine. She did. Even without a cast or therapy. Because if no therapy to walk she kept trying on her own and would fall again. She would fall out of bed. They said they couldn’t put rails in bed because it was “restraining” her. She recovered very well, in spite of it, although could no longer walk on her own. During the two months without treatment of any kind while in hospice, her memory and such recovered remarkably because they weren’t giving her the drugs that caused it in the first place. The visiting hospice nurse said she was taking her out of hospice care. So all of a sudden, somebody who wanted her to die made sure they gave her poison to drink and withheld food and water. The second or third day she woke up enough to say to me, “I think they are laying me out.” She was right. They were poisoning her. She never was able to talk again on the drugs but when awake she kept looking at me so sad to do something. I knew I would be kicked out if I made a fuss and couldn’t stop it. I just kept telling her I knew what was happening but I couldn’t do anything except be with her. They called family in to visit because “she was so ill.” It usually takes from 3 to 5 days to kill a patient this way. After 9 full days she still refused to die. Even when she never woke up again and looked horrendous from what poison can do to a body, her awareness of all around her was occasionally apparent. She would react to comments and things going on in the room. The staff filed in often to gawk because they’d never seen a human body so grotesque with the effect of so much poison they kept regularly shoving and gagging down her throat. She had had heart issues in the past, and for days her heartbeat was almost 200 bpm and she still wouldn’t die. She suffered. She suffered mentally, emotionally, and physically. She knew. She was aware. Very, very aware. And she was pissed. It was a long 9 days before they “administered a really lethal dose out of frustration. Damn their “mercy” killing.” It took them 2 or 3 times as long to kill her because she was angry and fought back. Her will to live and me sitting there watching made it at least slightly uncomfortable for them. The head nurse who only worked days was there the last several evenings thinking my aunt would go. She didn’t. The nurse kept looking at the clock and when it was 8:30 in the evening of the 9th day of poison administration, she got up and left for more poison. She came back, made her swallow it, stood back and watched. Nothing. So she went over and made sure it went down her throat which some of it had not. Then she left for ten minutes and when she returned and my aunt was still breathing regularly she watched a little while then looked at clock and it was 10 minutes till nine pm. Evidently she decided she wanted her gone so she could clock out at nine. She left again and came back and put more poison down her throat. My aunt couldn’t swallow by this point so nurse went to head of bed and grabbed her head and jerked it up in the air and then jerked it violently first one direction and then the other back and forth like she was a piece of meat that couldn’t feel anything and then let her head just violently fall to pillow. I think she may have broken her neck? Either that or the poison was really lethal. She stopped breathing within a minute. Nurse starts to leave. Then auntie gasped. Nurse remains. She stops breathing and nurse goes to door. My aunt gasps. Nurse returns. Five times this happened. But the nurse won and my aunt died in time for nurse with the horrid red dyed hair and overly tattooed arms to go home by nine.
    The day before this happened the hospice nurse from out of town came to her room. She told me two things she said she wasn’t supposed to tell and could get in trouble for, but she was indignant. First she said it shouldn’t be happening because she was taking her off hospice. Second, she wanted family to know there would be an autopsy. I questioned why but she wouldn’t explain, only that family needed to know. Hmm. Life insurance somewhere in family? I am watching for that to be dispersed here shortly.
    These are two murders of very close family members to me. Just imagine how many more there are and how widespread it is and how it goes under the guise of medical terminology and medical “CARE.” It’s here folks. In all states. They do in who they can when they can without fail in a daily basis and they are getting good at it right under our noses.

  52. Hello, this is dated last yr. I’m assunm8ng the Gov made a decision by now…?
    Btw…there is what is called a deepstate and it sounds like they are flourishing in Oregon state. They hate God and the right to life except their own, so… to mock God they try to play God. This is devaststing, pls pray!

  53. That is just murder. It’s not humane My grandmother suffers from dementia. I find it strange when we were able to come to the facility every day she was taking care of. When the Corina virus hit we were unable to check on her for about roughly 3 months. In that time span she lost 25 lbs so as of now she’s not getting a feeding tube nor anything thru her veins for nourishment. They keep making excuses saying that she feels no soon because of the morphine !!!! Really. Youvr started my grandmother to death!!!! So when does it stop!!!! How many more of our elderly have to suffer!!!

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