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From The Executive Director

Thursday, April 30, 2015
Gayle Atteberry

gayleWhen it comes to abortion, you would think the abortion industry would surely be satisfied with the state of affairs in America: except for a very few states, abortion is legal for all nine months of a woman’s pregnancy, the media, schools, the culture, and even the President of the United States relentlessly tout abortion, all the while deriding pro-lifers; Obamacare is forcing all insurance providers to cover abortifacients.

In Oregon, there is not one single restriction on abortion. Even in states which are able to pass
restrictions on abortion, the restrictions do not stop abortion, they just prevent instant access, thereby giving some girls time to change their minds.

Every week I read of a woman being taken by ambulance to a hospital from an abortion clinic, and seldom does an abortionist ever get in trouble. Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, takes in over one billion dollars a year, the largest percentage coming from the government (our tax dollars).

What more, we ask ourselves, could the abortion industry want?

Plenty, it appears. Take, for example, attempts by Planned Parenthood and other abortion pushers just this year:

  • In Oregon, Planned Parenthood was behind a bill which would mandate every health insurance policy cover abortion with no religious exemption.
  • Also in Oregon, another Planned Parenthood- backed bill would allow a girl to charge her parent’s insurance policy for her abortion without her parents ever knowing about it.
  • A bill about to pass in California would require all Pregnancy Support Centers to promote abortion to their clients. No conscience clause in the bill. That is akin to requiring firemen to teach arsonists the best way to start fires.
  • A bill already passed in Washington D.C. , the “Non-Discrimination Act”, prohibits employers from discrimination against an individual because of their “reproductive health” views…which includes abortion. Pro-life groups and pregnancy centers would be required to hire pro-abortion employees.
  • Carafem, a new abortion clinic, just opened in the Washington D.C. area with the goal to destigmatize abortion. It promotes its “spa-like” clinic, complete with luxurious robes and hot tea.

Is there no end to the exploitation of abortion? The answer is NO, and God makes the reason very clear to us: “Death and Destruction are never satisfied”, says Proverbs 27:20. The unending pursuit of abortion makes sense when seen in this spiritual light.  There truly will be no end to what the abortion industry will think of.

God's Work also makes our task clear: "Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering towards slaughter," Proverbs 24:11.

Let us not become discouraged when we see one attempt after another to expand abortion into every fiber of our society. Knowing ahead of time that this is, unfortunately, “normal” will help us not be taken by surprise. Let us draw upon the strength and resources that God provides for us and continue to save babies!

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