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Leading in Oregon

From Our Executive Director

Is Roe Unraveling?

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court announced it will take up a major abortion case in the next session. That means sometime between October 2021 and June or early July of 2022 we will have a decision on the following question: are all pre-viability prohibitions on elective abortions “unconstitutional?”  This will be…

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Second-Glance Advocacy

There is an artist I admire named Charlie French. Charlie is an abstract expressionist and 29-year-old man with Down syndrome. Like all abstract artists, his paintings offer a different and moving perspective on familiar scenes. Initially, all you might see are layers of color, textures and forms that don’t make…

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Abortion is Not “Essential”

In Oregon, Governor Kate Brown made decisions about what businesses and industries were “essential” during the year-long shutdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Health care providers were deemed “non-essential” on March 19, 2020 when Gov. Brown signed an executive order calling for the temporary end of all elective procedures.…

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Latest Updates

From Our Advocates

Oregon House Prioritizes Partisan Politics Over 78% of Oregonians Who Oppose Infanticide

Salem, OR— Today a majority of the Oregon House of Representatives voted down House Bill 2699. The vote was 37-22 in opposition. This is the House version of Senate Bill 586 which would have required medical care to be given to a baby that survives a failed abortion procedure.  “It’s clear…

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Abortion Extremists in Oregon Senate Vote for Infanticide

Salem, OR— This morning, a majority of the Oregon Senate voted down SB 586, the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act. The vote was 18-11 in opposition to a bill that would have required medical care to be given to a baby that survives a failed abortion procedure. CDC data from 2003 to 2014…

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Statement on School Board Election Results

Salem, OR—Over four years ago, Oregon Right to Life made the decision to get involved in local school board races. More information about planned parenthood in Salem-Keizer and Hillsboro.  “We felt it was important to engage in school board elections because Planned Parenthood was bringing the abortion agenda to schools,”…

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