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Leading in Oregon

From Our Executive Director

Bittersweet Changes

I used to say when I was political director–and I still believe it is true—that working for Oregon Right to Life PAC is the best political job in the state. Of course, this is primarily because we are working together in the great human rights movement of our time. It is also because, over the…

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Abortion Numbers Dramatically Decline

Fantastic news was released on September 17. The most recent Guttmacher Institute report shows that the number of abortions in the United States has reached another low. Guttmacher’s numbers are more accurate than those from the Centers for Disease Control since those exclude California, Maryland, and New Hampshire. While we can be encouraged by these…

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The National Conversation Continues

Recent actions by state legislatures – both pro-life and pro-abortion – have fed a sustained national conversation, in the media and amongst the public, about abortion, mothers and babies. There was something in the wake of the social media firestorm over the Alabama law that struck me in a particular way — how comments and…

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Life in Oregon

From Our Advocates

ORTL Files Complaint with U.S. Office for Civil Rights

Salem, OR — Tuesday, January 14, Oregon Right to Life (ORTL) filed a complaint with the U.S. Office for Civil Rights, challenging the abortion-related health insurance coverage mandated by Oregon’s Reproductive Health Equity Act signed into law in 2017. “Oregon Right to Life exists to advocate for vulnerable human beings who are not protected under law,” says Lois Anderson,…

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Oregon March for Life + Events Around Oregon

On January 25, hundreds of Oregonians will meet on the steps of the State Capitol for the Oregon March for Life. The event will begin at 2:15, with the March immediately following the speakers. Dr. Karen Gaffney of Portland is our featured speaker. She is an accomplished human rights advocate, achieving an honorary doctorate. Dr.…

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Statement on 2018-2019 Planned Parenthood Report

This week, Planned Parenthood released their 2018-2019 annual report. Here are some of the major takeaways from the report: As the nation’s largest provider of abortion, Planned Parenthood performed a record number of abortions: 345,672, a 3.88% increase from the prior year. Planned Parenthood received more money than ever from the American taxpayers: $616.8 million, a 9.4%…

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Oregon March for Life

Join hundreds of Oregonians at the steps of the Oregon Capitol, marking 47 years of nationally-legal abortion.

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