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Oregon Right to Life advocates for the most vulnerable human beings whose right to life is denied or abridged under current law. We work to reestablish protection for all innocent human life from conception to natural death.

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Getting to Know

Oregon Right to Life

Oregon Right to Life was founded in 1970 and is comprised of three separate but interlocking organizations.

The Parent Organization

The parent organization of ORTL handles our lobbying efforts for life, provides support to pro-life organizations and individuals, organizes events and rallies and widely distributes publications such as our quarterly newspaper, Life in Oregon.

The Education Foundation

The Education Foundation prepares and distributes pro-life information, facilitates outreach displays at fairs, churches, conferences and other events throughout the state. We also have pro-life speakers, host the largest pro-life conference in the PNW, and engage students through a variety of contests and an annual student leadership retreat, Launch.

Our Political Action Committee

Our political efforts are run through both state and federal PAC s. We focus on electing pro-life officials at all levels of government as well as publishing a widely used pro-life voter guide each election year.

In Addition...

Oregon Right to Life is an affiliate of National Right to Life Committee, America’s oldest and largest national pro-life organization.

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As Oregon's leading pro-life organization, we receive no government funds. The vast majority of our resources come from individuals and families.

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