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The Numbers

As of 2018, over 60 million babies have been aborted since Roe/Doe. Nearly one million babies are aborted every year.

Watch this video to visualize how large that number is. As the numbers rise, entire states are removed, symbolizing the loss of their entire population to abortion.

Every year, more children die from abortion than Americans died in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World Wars I and II, the Korean, Vietnam, Gulf and Iraq wars combined.Half of all abortions are obtained by women who have already had at least one abortion.

What Are the Most Common Reasons for Women Choosing Abortion?

See current Oregon abortion statistics here

Source:Lawrence B., Finer, Lori F., Frohwirth, Lindsay, A. Dauphinee, Susheela Singh, and Ann M. Moore. “Reasons U.S. Women Have Abortions: Quantitative and Qualitative Perspectives,” Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 2005, 37(3):110-118.

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