HB 2217: A Bill So Bad Both Sides Oppose It

stop hb 2217

House Bill 2217 did not move after its public hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday morning, May 9, at the Oregon Capitol. “This bill is so dangerous and poorly crafted that, for once, assisted suicide advocates agree with us,” says Lois Anderson, ORTL executive director. “We’ve been saying since this bill’s inception that it would place […]

New York, Virginia, Where Next?

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Advocates have been contacting us in response to the news that state legislation is being considered and even passed (New York) that removes any mention of protections for unborn children in the law. Last night, I watched horrified as a Virginia delegate and the state’s governor calmly describe infanticide as a perfectly reasonable option in […]

Press Release: Statement on Election Results

Salem, OR — Last night’s election results were not entirely a surprise. While there were some disappointing losses, pro-life advocates won in multiple races across the state, holding most pro-life seats in the Legislature. A number of pro-life candidates who ran for the first time were successful.  Notably, ORTL’s former political director, Colm Willis, won […]

Igniting a Fire

margot loza

“Margot, how could you be part of a party that doesn’t even respect life?” Mary (not her real name) asked. These words will remain forever in my mind and heart. Mary was upset. I was the leader of the minority caucus of the Idaho Young Democrats. I was only trying to do what was right. […]

The Case of the Missing Legislators

daivid kilada

This summer, I went on a search. I needed to find out where our missing pro-life legislators went. No, I’m not talking about those who have already been standing up for the unborn in the legislature. I’m talking about those who haven’t been walking the halls of the state capitol building at all. In my […]