New York, Virginia, Where Next?

Advocates have been contacting us in response to the news that state legislation is being considered and even passed (New York) that removes any mention of protections for unborn children in the law.

Last night, I watched horrified as a Virginia delegate and the state’s governor calmly describe infanticide as a perfectly reasonable option in case a late term abortion wasn’t “successful” or completed in time.  It’s shocking. What is more shocking is that this is an accepted practice in America.

hhs ruleThis legislation other states are considering (and passing) already rules Oregon. Abortion is already legal through all nine months! Even if dilation has started. Even if active labor is underway. Legally, a baby has to leave the birth canal before they receive legal protection in this state. 

The pro-abortion movement stands for abortion without limits and without apology. That is what is allowed under Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. They support infanticide for abortion survivors which is why they opposed legislation like the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

I understand it’s hard to fathom. No one wants to believe that your pro-choice friend is an advocate for this kind of barbarism. They probably aren’t. But they are part of a movement that, by necessity, must support abortion until the moment of birth. As Greg Koukl says, “If the unborn baby is not a human, no justification for abortion is required. If it is a human, no justification is sufficient.” In order to defend their belief system, they must hold to the not-quite-humanness of the unborn.

Anger is a justifiable response, but not hate. Hate does not change minds and beliefs. Hate causes distance and entrenchment. The pro-life movement is one largely of love. We love mothers, we love babies, we love humans – including those who support abortion rights.

If New York’s extremism caused you angst this month, don’t just talk about it. Please, please get involved. Here are some suggestions to get you started. The list is long but not exhaustive by far, so I am sure you will find something you can do.

  • Get educated. Learn the facts and better yet learn how to have conversations.
  • Plug In. Find out what pro-life activity is going on in your community. Here are some places to start, just Google and find the one nearest you:
    • Your local Oregon Right to Life chapter (find one here!)
    • Respect Life Committee at your church
    • Pregnancy Resource Center
    • Post-abortion counseling group
    • If you don’t find anything, we can help you start a chapter!
  • Show Up.
    • Sign up for a shift during a 40 Days for Life campaign and peacefully pray outside an abortion facility.
    • Post compassionate and educated pro-life things on social media.  Be kind to people who disagree with you.
    • Vote pro-life.
    • Get out of your public union dues (in Oregon the vast majority of their political money goes to pro-abortion politicians). You can find out how to do that here.
    • Run for office.
    • Call and email your legislators about bills that relate to abortion and assisted suicide. If you can, go to Salem and visit them.
    • Organize a pro-life display at your church, school or community festival. If you call or email us, we can loan you a display.
    • Invite a pro-life speaker to your class, church, community group, etc. We have a wide variety of speakers we can connect you with.
    • Become a foster parent.
    • Support a foster or adoptive parent. Embrace Oregon has great ideas for this.
    • Become a CASA representative.
    • Sign up for a mentorship program.
    • Volunteer at your local school.
    • Talk to your kids about human life.  The miracle of how they grew from a tiny cell into who they are now is a miracle. Share the wonder and beauty of it. Here is an incredible video you can show them.
    • Sign up to help us with data entry (yes, there are volunteer opportunities for the introverted among us).
    • Make phone calls for pro-life school board candidates.
    • Attend a Roe v. Wade memorial event in January.
    • Speak up in your professional association meetings if they take a pro-abortion position.
    • Write a paper on a pro-life topic.
  • And so much more. . .



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