University of Portland Student Shares Pro-Life Family Testimony

Chrystal Kupper, Editor, Life in Oregon University of Portland students woke up to something decidedly unusual in their school’s newspaper last fall: a pro-life editorial from one of their own.  Elizabeth Lyons-Best, a then-sophomore video producer for The Beacon, wrote “16 & pregnant saved my life, literally,” a staff opinion piece on her mother’s teenage […]

Daleiden’s Legal Case, with Connection to OHSU, Still Ongoing

Five years ago, the pro-life community watched in horror as one of their own became the first-ever undercover journalist in California history to be prosecuted for secretly recording criminal activity. David Daleiden from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) went undercover for 30 months in the abortion industry, and what he found — barefaced evidence […]

ORTL Launches Pro-Life Advance Directive Project

We are hopeful that we will someday see the healthcare industry transform into a place that is respectful of life from conception to natural death. Until that time, we recognize the need for pro-life Oregonians to take proactive steps to ensure respect for life is carried out at every point of medical care. We formed […]

Office of Civil Rights Open to Pro-Life Complaints

In January, after three years of legal research and quiet action, Oregon Right to Life (ORTL) filed a suit challenging Oregon’s so-called Reproductive Health Equity Act with the Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights. A 2017 law (HB3391) created the Reproductive Health Equity Act. This law paved the way for abortions at no […]

ACTION ALERT: Vote in the General Election

2020 has been full of unpredictable circumstances, including a pandemic and wildfires. Thank you for prioritizing getting your vote counted despite it all. We need the pro-life voting bloc to show up in its entirety. We cannot afford to lose a single vote in November. We’ve created a voting hub at All the information you […]