ACTION ALERT: Vote in the General Election

2020 has been full of unpredictable circumstances, including a pandemic and wildfires. Thank you for prioritizing getting your vote counted despite it all. We need the pro-life voting bloc to show up in its entirety. We cannot afford to lose a single vote in November.

We’ve created a voting hub at All the information you need to vote pro-life will be available and frequently updated.

You must register to vote by Tuesday, October 13th at 11:59 PM. If you are already registered, please take the time to make sure your registration is up to date. It will probably be hard to get a replacement ballot should yours be delivered to the wrong place.

The last day to safely mail your ballot is Friday, October 23rd.

Please return your ballot as early as possible. Oregon does not allow postmark voting. Your ballot must be in a drop box or delivered to the county elections office by 8 PM on November 3rd. If your ballot arrives late, it will not be counted.

If more pro-life ballots are turned in early, we can allocate more resources to helping new pro-life voters get their ballots in. This will result in more pro-life candidates elected.

Visit to find the nearest drop box and check if your ballot was received.

Text “ORTL” to 52886 to get a reminder to vote.

No stamp? No problem. A law passed in 2019 made it so you can return your ballot in the mail without a stamp.


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