An Inside Look at ORTL PAC’s Election Endorsement & Recommendation Process

Oregon Right to Life PAC is widely known for its political expertise and presence among other political organizations and voters, even described as a “kingmaker” by a left-leaning media outlet. Through decades of hard work, we have built the leadership platform and reputation we have today. Our efforts are known to make a difference in […]

Local Elections More Important Than Ever

David Kilada Political Director

All politics is local, they say. Most of the years I’ve worked in local politics, I have doubted the truth of this phrase. After all, 99 percent of the time people focus on what is going on in the White House or the Congress. Little thought is given to the Oregon State Capitol, much less […]

Take Your Vote Seriously

I know I am not the only one who thinks this is the craziest presidential primary season, and the voting has just begun! We began this process with a veritable banquet of pro-life governors and senators with legislative and executive experience. Sprinkle in a few who have not served in office, but who appeared to […]