An Inside Look at ORTL PAC’s Election Endorsement & Recommendation Process

Oregon Right to Life PAC is widely known for its political expertise and presence among other political organizations and voters, even described as a “kingmaker” by a left-leaning media outlet. Through decades of hard work, we have built the leadership platform and reputation we have today. Our efforts are known to make a difference in high-stakes elections.

We are now just weeks away from the 2024 primary election, where voters will have the opportunity to choose between multiple candidates in their registered party. This often means there are multiple pro-life candidates running for the same crucial, competitive seat.

The endorsement decisions made at ORTL PAC are not always easy. While we hold the option of endorsing multiple candidates in a primary election, it is vital to send the strongest candidate forward to the general election.

But how do we make these tough decisions?

With decades of political experience behind us, ORTL PAC has created a refined system for endorsing pro-life candidates. This system begins months before any election, with strategic planning happening year-round. 


ORTL PAC staff send emails to candidates inviting them to participate in our endorsement process. The candidate is responsible for responding and participating.


Once the candidates agree to participate, we send them a thorough questionnaire educating them on key policies (abortion limits, assisted suicide, unethical research, etc.) and requiring them to provide their stances. Answers are kept confidential to maintain trust and encourage transparency, but endorsements and recommendations are shared with pro-life voters.


If their questionnaire answers align with our positions, we move the candidates to an interview with our advisory committee. Here we get to know them further. Sometimes an interview is an opportunity to help a candidate learn more about pro-life issues and to clarify their positions. The advisory committee also evaluates the viability of their campaign and addresses any questions candidates have.


ORTL PAC, at the consensus of an advisory committee, may offer three levels of support: endorsement, recommendation and pro-life-but-not-endorsed. Each level is distinguished in our annual voter guide. 

No matter which level of endorsement, Oregon Right to LifePAC takes our vetting and endorsement process very seriously so that our supporters will feel confident knowing they are voting for the strongest and most effective pro-life candidates.


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