ORTL Needs YOU to Volunteer at a Pro-Life Fair Booth

If you’re a pro-life advocate in Oregon, you probably know that our state has some of the most extreme abortion laws in the country. But you might be surprised to find out that many people aren’t aware of just how radical Oregon is. It’s critical that our neighbors are well-informed. And that’s where you come […]

ORTL Spreading the Message of Life!

ortl latino Outreach

Oregon Right to Life launched its new Latino Outreach Program last year with the goal of reaching Oregon’s Latino population with the pro-life message. ORTLEF reached over 25,000 people as we participated in the 54th annual Woodburn Fiesta Mexicana for the first time. The primarily Hispanic event confirmed the pro-life values of many and provided […]

Precious Pockets Filled With Truth

Dawn Powers ORTLEF Events Director

Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation could not have imagined the impact that our “precious pockets” would have on individuals of all ages who have visited our booths at events around the state. The true humanity of unborn babies shines through these 12-week soft baby models snuggled sweetly in their pockets, which are sown by […]