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Government spends $100 million on aborted baby parts The Trump administration has begun taking steps to stop the purchasing of aborted baby body parts with federal tax dollars. The National Institute of Health, under the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), has given about $100 million in tax dollars to scientists using aborted baby […]

Life Notes February-March

life notes

Election polls show 13 percent pro-life advantage Abortion played a pivotal role in the November election, with the pro-life side showing a measurable advantage. A national poll of voters taken on Election Day found that nearly half (49 percent) of voters said abortion affected their vote. Of those, 31 percent said they voted for candidates […]

Life Notes March

life notes

Adult stem cells helping stroke victims Fifteen years ago, scientists were denigrating the potential of adult stem cells, instead focusing on stem cells from human embryos and seeking funding for their research. These scientists branded adult stem cells advocates as “anti-science” for expressing ethical concerns and scientific doubts about using stem cells from destroyed human […]