Life Notes April-May

life notes

Nearly 50 new pro-life bills introduced since Trump’s election The World News Service reports that almost 50 new pro-life bills have been introduced by state legislators since the November election. Last year, the nation’s lawmakers passed 60 new pro-life bills and leaders expect more new laws this year. National Right to Life’s Ingrid Duran explains, […]

Life Notes March

life notes

Adult stem cells helping stroke victims Fifteen years ago, scientists were denigrating the potential of adult stem cells, instead focusing on stem cells from human embryos and seeking funding for their research. These scientists branded adult stem cells advocates as “anti-science” for expressing ethical concerns and scientific doubts about using stem cells from destroyed human […]

Your Church Can Save Babies


When was the last time you heard a sermon about abortion? Maybe abortion doesn’t seem a proper topic for the pulpit. After all, people who hear sermons are in church, right? And church people don’t get abortions. Right? Wrong. In fact, 37 percent of women who had a first abortion were attending church at least […]