Election Results Highlight Importance of Local Positions

colm willis

In 2016, House Bill 3391 was rammed through the legislature, forcing insurance companies to cover abortions with no deductible or copays. What may not be as well known is that this law also increases the leverage the state government has to pressure local governments to provide more abortions. To help counterbalance this, Oregon Right to […]

New Pro-Life TV Ad On the Air

ortl tv ad

We’re excited to announce that this week ORTL PAC launched a new pro-life television ad that is broadcasting across the Portland and Salem regions. The 60-second spot tells the story of the Zielinskis, a family whose first child, Coeli, was born at 25 weeks. Merissa Zielinski, like any other woman in Oregon, had the legal […]

Colm Willis to Challenge Pro-Abortion Kurt Schrader in Key Congressional Race

colm willis

Former Oregon Right To Life Political Director Colm Willis won a decisive victory in Congressional District 5 with a 36 percent margin and will now face Kurt Schrader in the fall general election. Willis ran an outstanding campaign with great grassroots and financial support, raising more money before the primary than the Republican nominees of […]

Primary 2016: Four Important Pro-Lifers You Need to Know About

I want to make sure you know about four pro-life men who are running for office this primary election. Ted Cruz – U.S. President It really is difficult to overstate the importance of this election.   We have had a series of close and important Presidential elections.  It would be tempting to take a diversion here […]