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California AG Raids Home of David Daleiden

david daledian

This newest action instigated by Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses reveals the extent to which they will go to protect their money stream and cover up their horrific practice of selling baby-parts. It is  terrifying that legal authorities are willing to wield their power and  pervert the justice system in such a way as…

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FDA Relaxes RU-486 Guidelines Endangers Women

Pregnant and worrried

Salem, OR—On Wednesday, in response to a request by the U.S. distributor of RU-486, the Food and Drug Administration released new guidelines for “the abortion pill.” They modified dosages, changed the administration, reduced the number of office visits, expanded the prescriber pool, and extended the time frame when the drugs may be used. Though this…

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I Saved A Baby

It was an especially rainy 40 Days for Life spring campaign. The vigil outside Lovejoy Surgicenter was horrifically understaffed. Absolutely no one would ever show up on Wednesday mornings, the one day that the faithful men and women who pray outside its doors all year round couldn’t either. Seeing a glaring need, I got my…

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Another Dangerous Bill Defeated!

holding hands

It was a short legislative session this year but that doesn’t mean it was without threats. The biggest one was SB 1552. This bill would have given a committee, chosen by Gov. Kate Brown, control of Oregon’s advance directive, removing legislative oversight. Keeping a watchful eye out for subversive bills like this are one of…

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How To Be An Effective Citizen Lobbyist

oregon state capital

  Lobbyist. It’s a funny word that evokes all sorts of images in the American mind. But basically it’s just a person who tries to influence government. Every citizen has the ability to walk into the Capitol and “lobby” the Legislature and even the Executive branch. You don’t even have to have any special credentials…

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