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No Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood sold baby parts and should be stripped of funding, so finds a select U. S. House investigative panel. One of the first actions of the 115th Congress was the release of a report by a Select Investigative Panel of the Energy and Commerce Committee. The subject of the report wasn’t, as the committee’s…

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From Our New Latino Outreach Director

“Margot, how could you be part of a party that doesn’t even respect life?” Mary* asked, upset. These words will forever remain in my mind and heart. I was the leader of the minority caucus of the Idaho Young Democrats. I was only trying to do what was right. My parents had immigrated to the…

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Zika’s Silver Lining


Isn’t it ironic that Hillary Clinton, a staunch abortion supporter, visited a medical clinic in Miami, Florida on August 9, 2016 to draw awareness to Zika research and prevention? Has anyone pointed out to Ms. Clinton and other abortion advocates that the unborn children they wish to save from Zika infection are the same type…

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Pink and Blue Friday?


Did you know that there is a way that you can easily send additional financial support to Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation by doing what you’re already doing? Shopping! Everyone has to buy groceries, gas, and household items. And those Christmas presents? What about Fred Meyer’s sock sale on Black Friday? Everyone needs socks…

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