Pro-Life Kids! Book Review

The picture book, “Pro-Life Kids!” by Bethany Bomberger is a great tool for anyone mentoring children. It’s a colorful and fun way to start a discussion about pro-life principles. I recently filmed a live video reading of the book to my 3 and 4-year-old grandsons.

My grandsons were immediately engaged by the delightful, colorful illustrations. When we got to the pages that carefully broached the difficult topics of abortion, slavery, and the Holocaust, my oldest grandson was affected. At this point, he said, “Grandma, this page makes me sad”. 

Normally, when I read to my grandsons I will teach them the meaning of the terms in the book. Because of the age of my grandsons and the sensitive topics of slavery, the Holocaust and abortion, I did not discuss the terms with them at this time. That is a discussion for another day when they are older and can process them. You can easily skip over that page if you also wanted to wait to introduce those concepts.

Instead, we focused on the development of the unborn. We discussed how they had seen their mommy’s tummy grow as their baby sister had developed before birth. This book does a great job covering a large number of sensitive topics from a positively pro-life viewpoint.

“Pro-Life Kids!” includes a list of “Ten Ways You Can Show You’re a Pro-Life Kid!” to inspire kids to take the next step in becoming pro-life. Bethany Bomberger has a website mentioned in the book that offers free downloadable coloring sheets as well as stickers,  pro-life t-shirts, and copies of the book that are available for purchase.


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