Oregon House Passes Bill Radically Expanding Abortion

Salem, Ore.—The Oregon House of Representatives today passed House Bill 2002, which radically expands abortion in Oregon. Pro-life Representatives raised numerous unanswered questions that remain due to the rushed nature of the legislative process. Supporters of HB 2002 repeatedly rejected motions to return the bill to policy committees to resolve the concerns that were identified. […]

Oregon Right to Life PAC Holds Press Conference with Abortion Survivors

Keizer, OR—Monday, October 24, Oregon Right to Life PAC held a press conference with abortion survivors and pro-life legislators. Amy Miles of Astoria and Michelle Lyman of [TBD] shared their stories of surviving after attempted abortions. The survivors were accompanied by Senator Kim Thatcher (R–Keizer) and Representative Anna Scharf (R–Amity) who explained how current law […]

An Important Message for Pro-Life Voters

2022 is shaping up to be the best opportunity in a generation to elect a pro-life Governor in Oregon. This is a bold statement, and there are four good reasons we can make this claim. There is no incumbent. All of the leading Republican candidates are pro-life. A well-funded, non-affiliated candidate will compete for pro-choice […]

Residency Requirement for Physician-Assisted Suicide Quietly Ended

Salem, OR—On March 28, 2022, Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum entered into a settlement agreement that guaranteed the non-enforcement of the residency requirement in Oregon’s “Death with Dignity Act.” This statute limited physician-assisted suicide access to residents of Oregon. “We already have a problem with dangerously short physician-patient relationships and the push to eliminate any […]

“Death with Dignity” Report Reveals Continued Neglect of Mental Illness

Salem, OR—Oregon recently released its 24th annual report on assisted suicide in the state.  In 2021, 383 people received lethal prescriptions. Of that group, 218 people died from ingesting the lethal medication. That includes 20 patients who used prescriptions for assisted suicide acquired in previous years (2020 report). Since the law was passed in 1997, doctors have […]