June is Celebrate Life Month

Looking for ways to spread the pro-life message in your own local community? This year, Oregon Right to Life (ORTL) is expanding its “Celebrate Life” week to a full month!

This June, ORTL has structured four themed weeks accompanied by tools and resources to engage you, your family and your community in creating a culture that respects and dignifies every human life.

Throughout the month, we will guide you in supporting your local Pregnancy Resource Center, getting involved in grassroots pro-life advocacy, coming alongside foster and adoptive families and participating in sidewalk advocacy. 

Celebrate Life Month is flexible and intentionally local. Take part in each week’s activity, or just choose the ones that fit your family and schedule!

Make sure to keep us in the loop with what you’re up to in your community because we’ll be posting weekly social media updates and holding pro-life prize drawings every Monday.

For further information, visit ortl.org/celebratelife.


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