Oregon House Passes Bill Radically Expanding Abortion

Salem, Ore.—The Oregon House of Representatives today passed House Bill 2002, which radically expands abortion in Oregon. Pro-life Representatives raised numerous unanswered questions that remain due to the rushed nature of the legislative process. Supporters of HB 2002 repeatedly rejected motions to return the bill to policy committees to resolve the concerns that were identified.

“Today, we witnessed the pro-abortion majority’s unswerving commitment to ramming through this radical bill with minimum public input,” said Oregon Right to Life executive director Lois Anderson. “Despite unanswered questions in committee and well reasoned objections from pro-life representatives during today’s floor session, the majority advanced this dangerous bill forward.”

HB 2002 eliminates all age limits on access to abortion without parental consent. This bill would allow abortion providers to perform abortions on minors of any age, and it would prohibit them from notifying parents unless the child provides explicit, written permission. In a work session, Senator Tim Knopp asked legislative counsel if HB 2002 would allow a ten-year old to have an abortion without parental knowledge or consent. Legislative counsel confirmed that this was the case.

“House Bill 2002 is a bridge too far, even for Oregon,” continued Anderson. “It’s hard to comprehend how this kind of legislation is being defended by some in the legislature. Oregonians are united in opposition to HB 2002.”


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