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Oregon’s pro-life state senators are steadfastly advocating for the protection of the most vulnerable members of our society. As proponents of dangerous bills like House Bill 2002 attempt to expand abortion rights without any willingness to engage in dialogue, these pro-life legislators find themselves left with one course of action: walking out. This decision ensures that radical legislation like HB 2002, which stands in stark contrast to the values held by both the senators and their constituents, cannot proceed through the Senate due to a lack of quorum. Find out more about HB 2002 here.

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Oregon’s pro-life senators are fulfilling their responsibility to represent their constituents by protecting the integrity of the legislative process. Their decision to walk out aims to prevent the abuse of power by pro-abortion leadership, ensuring that legislation like HB 2002, which is radically out of touch with their values, does not proceed without due consideration.

Two-thirds of senators are required to establish quorum, the absence of these pro-life legislators prevents the bill from advancing. But walking out is more costly now than it used to be. Because of Measure 113, passed in 2022, legislators will be barred from running for office again if they have ten unexcused absences. By standing up to the bullying of the pro-abortion majority, they are putting their ability to represent their constituents on the line.  Their courageous, strategic action stands as a testament to their commitment to upholding the principles and beliefs of those they represent.

The abuse of power by pro-abortion politicians emphasizes the critical role of elections in shaping legislation. If we desire to halt the progress of extreme bills like HB 2002, it is crucial to elect more pro-life legislators who will advocate for the rights of the unborn. Elections at every level have significant consequences, like the current school board election as highlighted by HB 2002’s direct targeting of minors through school-based health centers.

Electing pro-life individuals to school boards can yield significant outcomes in shielding students from the influence of the abortion industry. As HB 2002 poses a direct threat to minors, a pro-life school board can actively implement measures to protect students and ensure that their well-being and rights are safeguarded.

Oregon’s pro-life senators deserve our full support as they stand up for the values and principles of their constituents. By taking the bold step of staging a walkout, they aim to prevent the passage of HB 2002, a bill that would significantly expand abortion rights. They cannot do this without the support and encouragement from their constituents. Please email these senators to tell them that you stand with them in their protest against the pro-abortion majority.

Sen. Daniel Bonham

Sen. Brian Boquist

Sen. Fred Girod

Sen. Bill Hansell

Sen. Cedric Hayden

Sen. Tim Knopp

Sen. Dennis Linthicum

Sen. Art Robinson

Sen. Kim Thatcher

Sen. Suzanne Weber


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