Pro-Life Legislator Running for Secretary of State

“Senator Thatcher has been a reliable ally for the pro-life cause.”  Though choosing America’s president will dominate national and state headlines, there is another important election on the horizon for Oregonians: that of secretary of state. The position is one of the three constitutional offices established at statehood. It deals with auditing of public accounts, […]

The Coronavirus Campaign

Every year it seems we’re facing a historic election. I can easily say that 2020 was the most unique campaign of my decade working in politics. Oregon’s vote-by-mail system ensured that voters could safely cast their vote. We don’t yet know the full impact on voters, but we saw 46 percent of eligible voters cast […]

Turning Challenges Into Growth Opportunities

So what now? We are in a time of uncertainty rivaling any most of us have experienced. I found recently that a web-based journal for emergency preparedness noted that unprecedented was the word of the year for 2019. I wonder what word they will possibly choose for 2020? I am sure that each one of us is […]

Standing Up for Life at the Lincoln County Fair

Like thousands of other Oregonians, Susan Morrison is deeply disappointed that there will be no county fairs this year. Her reasons, however, have nothing to do with the rides, games or concerts one usually finds at her local Lincoln County Fair.  Instead, Morrison is heartbroken that she and her fellow Central Coast chapter members of […]

No Pause for Pro-Lifers in Pandemic Primary

One of the most unique elections in Oregon history took place on May 19. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic and unprecedented stay-at-home orders, primary election voters across the state made their voices heard. The perseverance of pro-life voters was felt during these extraordinary times as results rolled in on election night. In Oregon’s […]