Oregon Wraps Up Legislative Session

By Liberty Pike Every other year, Oregon has a short legislative session which was originally intended to handle emergencies and funding issues. Unfortunately, the Democrat supermajority in the Oregon Legislature doesn’t abide by those standards, like when they rammed through House Bill 4135 in 2018. (Read all about HB 4135 by googling “ORTL HB 4135.”) […]

Health Authority Releases 2019 Death with Dignity Report

By Crystal Kupper, Editor, Life in Oregon The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) released their latest data summary of the state’s Death with Dignity Act (DWDA). The law — in effect since 1998 — allows Oregonians with terminal illnesses the right to kill themselves with governmental blessing through ingestion of death-inducing pharmaceuticals.  DWDA requires annual information […]

Chemeketa Students Stand for Life

Meet the Chemeketa Community College SFL group, including president (and part-time ORTL employee) Marcos Sanchez and vice president Hannah Anderson. Favorite group outreach ever? MS: I enjoy sparking conversation on campus, as that’s how hearts and minds will be changed. My biggest goal is to have them, at the very least, thinking, “Gosh, that pro-lifer wasn’t […]

Oregon Hosts 40 Days for Life Campaigns

Pro-life advocates around the globe recently participated in the 26th 40 Days for Life campaign. There were a number here in Oregon. We hope to eventually feature all of Oregon’s faithful sidewalk advocates, but here are a couple stories. More than 50 Portland-area advocates arrived at Lovejoy Surgicenter for the campaign kickoff on March 7, […]

Action Alert: Vote in the May Primary

In mid-March, Bev Clarno — Oregon Secretary of State — announced that Oregon’s May primary election would continue as planned. Oregon’s vote-by-mail infrastructure ensures that we can safely practice social distancing while exercising our democratic right to vote by May 19. Oregon Right to Life PAC worked hard to deliver our voter guide (on page […]