Chemeketa Students Stand for Life

Meet the Chemeketa Community College SFL group, including president (and part-time ORTL employee) Marcos Sanchez and vice president Hannah Anderson.

Favorite group outreach ever?

MS: I enjoy sparking conversation on campus, as that’s how hearts and minds will be changed. My biggest goal is to have them, at the very least, thinking, “Gosh, that pro-lifer wasn’t so crazy and actually pretty nice to talk to.”

HA: [My favorite was] the debate between Dr. Toffler and Dr. Reagan regarding physician-assisted suicide. I have also enjoyed our monthly visits to Planned Parenthood. Although I was relatively nervous my first time, I learned that simply being a presence is powerful.

Most impactful event?

MS: We’ve hosted the Planned Parenthood Truth Tour, with several large banners discussing Planned Parenthood’s questionable (and often illegal) practices. We also had 912 bright pink crosses in the grass to represent the abortions Planned Parenthood commits daily. Many people asked what the crosses meant. It was a perfect conversation starter.

HA: Chalking pro-life and life-affirming messages on campus in the spring of 2019. This received a significant amount of backlash as pro-choice students defaced, erased and provided “additions” to our chalking.

How can people support you?

MS: I would ask they pray for our club as I transition out of the president’s role and someone else transitions in, for the conversion of hearts and minds at Chemeketa and for our members that they can unapologetically and courageously be a voice for the voiceless. People can follow us on social media too: @Chemeketaforlife on Instagram and @ChemeketaSFL on Facebook.

Any helpful tips for students?

MS: Don’t be afraid to make waves and push yourself to leave your comfort zone. It’s uncomfortable and painful, but that’s the only way to grow. 

HA: Never be afraid to let people know what you stand for. No matter where you attend school, your voice matters — you never know the possible positive impact until action is taken. Abortion is the greatest injustice of our time and it is no longer sufficient to be apathetic. Together we can bring an end to abortion.


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