Pro-life Progress in D.C.


After a year like 2016, it might feel as if the November election only just finished and the next one is blissfully far off. One expects there to be plenty of time for Congress and the White House to make sweeping pro-life policy changes. However, the reality is that, since the entire House and one-third […]

Oregon Right to Life’s Latino Outreach is off to a busy start!


If you are interested in Latino Outreach Director Margot Loza speaking at your event or group, please call the Oregon Right to Life office at 541-463-8563. On her final day in Hermiston, Margot presented to about 30 young adults at Our Lady of Angels parish hall. Maria Mejia, an active woman in the parish, was […]

Only a click away

By Dawn Marie Perez Executive Director, Foundation What do you think happens when a young girl thinks she’s pregnant? She goes to her smart phone for answers. She probably Googles the words “am I pregnant,” “abortion,” or “unexpected pregnancy.” A list of resources comes up on the screen, right at her fingertips. She is […]

Young, Dedicated Leaders

First, I want to say that I am so humbled, honored, and downright excited for the opportunity to become the next executive director of Oregon Right to Life. In the course of the 17 years I have been on staff, I have taken part in many projects and events that fall outside the traditional political […]



A keepsake, according to Webster, is “anything kept, or given to be kept, as a token of friendship or affection; remembrance.” Perhaps you have something from your parents or grandparents that you consider a keepsake. Seeing or handling it stirs fond memories. A bride may keep her wedding dress as a remembrance of her special […]