Only a click away

By Dawn Marie Perez

Executive Director, Foundation

What do you think happens when a young girl thinks she’s pregnant? She goes to her smart phone for answers. She probably Googles the words “am I pregnant,” “abortion,” or “unexpected pregnancy.” A list of resources comes up on the screen, right at her fingertips. She is one click away from a potentially life-changing moment. One click away from the truth or a lie. One click away from choosing life or death for her baby. That terrified young lady is thinking only about how her life is about to drastically change and she fears nothing will be as she had planned and dreamed.
This life-altering moment in young women’s lives gave wings to the idea of The vision is to reach this generation of young people with the message that unborn children have a heartbeat, brain waves, fingers, and toes. The goal is to find a way to “love them both,” hoping that the mother will have the courage to choose life for her unborn baby. The mission is to give her the personal support that she needs to have the strength to choose life for her child. StandUpGirl is with her in the moment, encouraging her to embrace the life-changing decision to choose life for her baby.

The logistics of what happens behind the scenes at is truly something God has blessed. This year we are celebrating our sixteenth anniversary, with over 35 million lives reached and changed. It is breathtaking to see how much a small group of determined people can accomplish with strong support behind them. A life can be changed and saved with only a click of the mouse!


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