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Dismemberment Abortions

WARNING: The following blog is very graphic Abortion is a grisly business. The main reason it continues is that no one can see the dead babies. If the public were able to see the carnage being done behind the abortion clinic’s doors, there would be an uprising. Most abortions are done during the first nine…

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Unjust Legalities

Pro-Life Hero David Daleidan

The following news excerpts from an article from my favorite pro-life news site,, details the outrageous, politically-motivated raid of David Daleiden’s home by California’s attorney general. The Tuesday raid terrifies me as we see a flagrant abuse of power. “The pro-abortion California attorney general’s office raided on Tuesday the home of the undercover investigator…

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The Next Generation

camp joshua

Twenty pairs of eyes eagerly watching; hands waving in the air in order to have an urgent question answered; fingers rapidly writing notes from the speaker’s talk…

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Political Armageddon Is Here


Heaven’s recent gain in receiving the soul of Justice Anthony Scalia is America’s tragic loss. Justice Scalia, recognized by both friend and foe to be one of America’s top legal minds of all times, had been on the Supreme Court for almost 30 years. He was known for his brilliant defense of “textualism”—the belief that…

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Planned Parenthood, OHSU, And Aborted Baby Body Parts.

This summer, the Center for Medical Progress began releasing a series of 11 videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of fetal organs. According to federal law, selling fetal organs for profit is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Once these videos became public, the U.S. Congress held a hearing…

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