Planned Parenthood Misinformation


The old adage “If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it” was on full display at Saturday’s so-called “Woman’s March,” co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood. What lie? The one that puts fear into the hearts of some women that this new administration is going to strip them of their “reproductive rights.” However, Planned […]

Things are Looking Better for the Babies

This November’s surprising presidential election results have, at the very minimum, staved off further danger for the unborn. As I previously wrote, Hillary Clinton as President had an unmitigated pro-abortion agenda. Planned Parenthood received the same crushing defeat as did Clinton. The pro-abortion plans of both have, at least for a time, been put on […]

As Bad As It Can Get


No one would argue that this is not the most unusual presidential election in anyone’s memory. Emotions run high when discussing the two viable candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with the debate often centered around which candidate is worse. When it comes to the lives of unborn babies however, there is no debate as […]

Quiet Success

washington co fair booth

In the midst of the summer’s heated campaigns, shootings, and social unrest, there is a peaceful, lifesaving activity happening around the state: Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation’s fair booths. Over the summer, ORTLEF has hosted booths in 30 local county fairs and other events. These booths draw large crowds, the preponderance whom are teens […]

The Light of Life


I always get excited when a new scientific discovery both proves the Word of God to be true and gives greater understanding to its meaning. Such was the case in a recent remarkable discovery. Researchers at Northwestern University near Chicago were able to document that each individual life starts with a spark of light. At […]