As Bad As It Can Get

No one would argue that this is not the most unusual presidential election in anyone’s memory. Emotions run high when discussing the two viable candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with the debate often centered around which candidate is worse.

When it comes to the lives of unborn babies however, there is no debate as to which candidate is worse: Hillary Clinton. She, along with all abortion forces have come “out of the closet” with nothing left to the imagination as to what will happen should Clinton become president.

The Democratic National Convention was shameless in its portrayal of abortion as a national right and good. It began with the passing of the most pro-abortion plank in the party’s history. The platform promises that officials will “stand up” for Planned Parenthood, fund abortion nationwide and around the world, overturn state and federal restrictions on abortion, and put legal pressure on pro-life sidewalk counselors to “put them out of business.” The Hyde Amendment, a decades-old amendment which refuses to allow federal tax dollars pay for abortion, was highlighted as a law that must be repealed.

Referring to the newly-formed platform in her presidential acceptance speech, Clinton said “We wrote it together –now let’s go out here and make it happen together.”

Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, America’s number one abortion provider, was a special speaker at the Democrat Convention. She made it clear that Clinton would stand up for abortion as President. At a private party during the convention, Richards proclaimed, “I cannot wait until this woman is in the White House.”

There is a long-standing friendship between Richards and Clinton, with each inviting the other to their events. Clinton told activists at a Planned Parenthood rally, “I will always defend Planned Parenthood and I will say consistently and proudly, Planned Parenthood should be funded, supported and protected, not undermined, misrepresented and demonized.  As your president, I will always have your back.”

The Democratic Convention also featured the president of the National Abortion Rights Action League, Ilyse Hogue. Ms Hogue proudly explained that her abortion was the “compassionate” thing to do, as having a child at the time was inconvenient. The crowd roared with applause.

With Anthony Scalia’s death leaving a vacancy on the Supreme Court, the Court is now evenly divided between those who will uphold Roe v. Wade and those who most likely would not. The next president, who will appoint Scalia’s replacement, will decide the future of Roe v. Wade. Ms. Clinton has made very public who she would appoint: “The only people that I would ever appoint to the Supreme Court are people who believe that Roe v. Wade is settle law,” she promised. Her own website states “there is no more important issue than defending reproductive rights”.  {how about defending all American’s against terrorism as a more important priority???}

If elected, this is what Hillary Clinton, who has publicly declared abortion a “fundamental human right”, promised she would do as President of the United States:

  • Support legal abortions up to the moment of birth
  • Veto any pro-life bill that came to her desk
  • Repeal the Hyde amendment and strive for free abortions for “poor” women
  • Seek to overturn federal and state laws and policies that impede a woman’s access to abortion
  • Work to change “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases “which hamper abortion rights
  • Only appoint judges to the Courts “who believe Roe v Wade is settled law”.
  • Work to steer even more federal money into Planned Parenthood’s coffers.
  • Expand abortion as a world-wide “human right”. In speeches to international groups, Clinton has declared “Gender equality, including sexual and reproductive health and rights {abortion}, must be a core priority.”, as well as “it is a violation of human rights when women are denied the right to plan their own families.”
    While many things about the future are unknown if one or the other presidential candidates is elected, there is one thing of which we can be certain: If Hillary Clinton is elected the future for millions of innocent unborn babies is as bad as it can get.

    1. No,Trump is not pro-abortion. He has said, “Let me be clear—I am pro-life.” Speaking of Supreme Court appointees, his quote is ““ The justices that I’m going to appoint will be pro-life.”

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