Dismemberment Abortions

WARNING: The following blog is very graphic

Abortion is a grisly business. The main reason it continues is that no one can see the dead babies. If the public were able to see the carnage being done behind the abortion clinic’s doors, there would be an uprising.

Most abortions are done during the first nine weeks, a time when it is rare that few beside the expecting mother even know she is pregnant. The two most common procedures, suction curette and the abortion pill RU486, each end the life of a helpless child. Suction curette sucks the tiny child out with a vacuum-cleaner type instrument and, unless the unborn child is destined to be dissected and sold for its parts, is sent out with the trash. In the week-long RU 486 procedure, the mother sometimes views her expelled child before it is flushed down the toilet. However, very few other than the mothers are aware of these deaths.

a toolsEven more grisly than the earlier abortions, late term abortions are so barbaric that, should the humane society end the lives of unwanted pets in the same manner, Oregonians would beat down their doors and demand them to stop.

By the time a mother is four months pregnant, it is difficult to conceal her pregnancy. It is not hard for others to imagine the child growing within her womb. This means the method of abortion must be taken to a new extreme.

The baby, too big to be sucked down a tube, and with bones becoming calcified, must be cut apart, limb by limb and extracted from the mother’s womb.  The baby’s head, the biggest part of the young child, needs to be crushed in order to get it out. Added to this horror, it is documented that unborn babies as early as 20 weeks can feel every bit of the pain this procedure entails.

“Not real,” you say. “Not here.” Yes and yes.  The Oregon Health Department vital statistics calls this procedure dilation and evacuation and lists 407 such procedures from 17 weeks (four months) to 23 weeks (almost six months) and older….how much older we are not told. More than one unborn child a day in the state of Oregon is ripped apart piece by piece in her mother’s womb. But, except for the abortionist, the baby dies alone; no one is paying attention to this brutality.

The pro-abortion crowd promotes this procedure. The National Abortion Federation Abortion Training Textbook states, “ D and E remains the most prevalent method of second trimester pregnancy termination in the US, accounting for 96% of all 2nd trimester abortions.”

This barbaric practice is just beginning to be curtailed. Starting in 2015, states are beginning to pass bans on dismemberment abortion.  Four states, Kansas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Mississippi have been able to stop this brutal procedure.

We in Oregon also must work to make this murderous practice known, and then to put a complete stop to the horror.


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