Take Part in the First Annual Pro-Life Week of Action

Celebrate Life: A Week of Action
June 26–July 1

What is it? 
Celebrate Life is a week to intentionally engage in local pro-life support and advocacy. Over the week, you can complete action items, fill out a “passport” and enter to win prizes—all while celebrating the end of Roe and making a difference in your Oregon community.

On June 24, we celebrate the first anniversary of the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade. But the end of Roe is just the beginning for the pro-life movement in Oregon. More than ever, we must call for justice for the unborn and support life in tangible ways. As we move into the second year post-Roe, it’s imperative to keep the momentum going as we call for change in our state laws. Celebrate Life commemorates the Dobbs decision and renews our commitment to supporting life in local communities. 

Who can participate?
All pro-life advocates are encouraged to participate. There’s something for everyone!

June 26–July 1. 

Everywhere in Oregon! Make a difference by supporting and advocating for life in your backyard.

How can I get involved?
Visit ortl.org/celebrate for details about how you can participate in building Oregon’s pro-life future (and win a T-shirt!).


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