2023 Legislative Session Produces Some Pro-Life Victories

Salem, Ore.—The 2023 legislative session adjourned sine die the afternoon of Sunday, June 25. The session was dominated by the longest walkout in Oregon’s history, which occurred partly in response to extreme abortion bills like House Bill 2002. As a result of the extended denial of quorum, pro-life senators secured significant concessions.

“We’re proud of the pro-life senators who stood up for the right to life of vulnerable Oregonians whose lives are targeted by radical expansions of abortion and assisted suicide,” said Oregon Right to Life executive director Lois Anderson. “Their courageous actions kept our state from lurching even farther outside the mainstream.”

The pro-life movement saw both important victories and setbacks over abortion and physician-assisted suicide. During the session:

  • Senate Judicial Resolution 33 failed in committee;
  • HB 2002 was substantially amended;
  • Senate Bill 1099 passed, which will extend the time for women to safely surrender an infant;
  • House Bill 2279, repealing the residency requirement for physician-assisted suicide, passed;
  • Senate Bill 891 failed in committee, which would have greatly expanded who could access physician-assisted suicide and who could provide the lethal drugs.

“While these were hard-won victories in the legislature, the reality in Oregon is that circumstances have not improved for those endangered by abortion and physician-assisted suicide,” continued Anderson. “We will continue to advocate for vulnerable people whose rights are abridged under current laws.”


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