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From the President

I am so proud of and inspired by the chapters of Oregon Right to Life (ORTL). 

ORTL envisions a culture that advocates for and supports life-affirming, lifesaving and life-sustaining decisions. Individual ORTL chapters carry out this vision through unique and practical ways in their local communities while advocating for the most vulnerable human beings whose right to life is denied or abridged under current law. 

ORTL chapters participate in incredible activities across Oregon: fundraising or volunteering for their local pregnancy resource centers (PRC), hosting fair booths at county fairs, donating money for and leading students at March for Life events, sidewalk counseling, hosting local rallies and memorial events and so much more! Chapters also influence many areas of pro-life activism, including effectively educating their community about abortion and public policy, ensuring supportive services for women facing unplanned pregnancies and reacting quickly to pro-abortion groups’ activities by testifying against new abortion facilities in their community. 

Counties throughout Oregon can differ greatly, and ORTL chapters face different challenges in their local communities. Some have one or several abortion providers, while others none at all. Some have churches with strong community influence, others not so much. Some have several colleges and universities; others have none. Some have pro-life representatives, but others have pro-choice politicians in leadership. Chapter leaders also vary in their strengths and experience. These contexts shape how chapters focus their time and resources, but all of them are amazing voices advocating for life in their communities. 

I truly believe that the ways we will shape the world to support life are micro as well as macro. The macro level is through state and federal legislation that supports life, but the micro ways are through individuals speaking up and making a change in their local communities. 

You never know when your pro-life presence is the difference between life and death. It’s the pro-life leaders in various communities who form relationships and gain credibility that powerfully change our state to be more accepting and loving of human life. 

To learn more about individual ORTL chapters, head over to The chapter leaders will be thrilled to hear from you! 

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