“Reproductive Health and Access to Care” Work Group Makes First Report to House Committee on Health Care

Salem, Ore.—The Reproductive Health and Access to Care Work Group provided their first public report during the Oregon House Committee on Health Care’s December 7 meeting. Representative Andrea Valderrama (D-Portland), Senator Kate Lieber (D-Beaverton), Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, and Oregon House Speaker Dan Rayfield (D-Corvallis) each gave remarks during the work group’s presentation. Over one hundred pro-life advocates attended the meeting in solidarity with the unborn human life threatened by the policies this work group is promoting.

“Abortion violently ends the life of a developing human baby. Oregon needs changes in our laws and programs so that both the baby and the mother are protected. How tragic that this work group’s singular focus is increasing abortions,” said Oregon Right to Life executive director, Lois Anderson.

Oregon House Speaker Rayfield reaffirmed his commitment to expanding abortion access. Each of the workgroup members expressed concern about barriers to women receiving abortions in cases where the life of the mother is at risk. However, every state abortion limit in the country includes exceptions for saving the mother’s life. In addition, contrary to statements made by Speaker Rayfield, miscarriage management is not related to abortion, and these limits do not impede the ability of medical professionals to provide high quality care to women experiencing miscarriages.

In May, Oregon House Speaker, Dan Rayfield (D-Corvallis), announced the “Reproductive Health and Access to Care Work Group.” The work group was formed in reaction to the Dobbs Supreme Court decision with the intention of expanding abortion access in Oregon. So far the work group has only met behind closed doors.

Under current Oregon law, abortion is legal through all nine months of pregnancy and paid for by the state in most cases. 

The formation of the work group also followed the passage of a $15 million fund created to pay for women to travel to Oregon and obtain abortions. 


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