President Biden Visiting Portland to Stump for Kotek

Salem, OR—On Friday, October 14, President Joe Biden will arrive in Portland, Oregon. Biden will spend Friday and Saturday participating in political events for the Oregon Democrats and gubernatorial candidate Tina Kotek. He will also give a speech about “lowering costs for American families” on Saturday.

“Kotek and Biden are one and the same,” said Oregon Right to Life executive director Lois Anderson. “Their extreme policies have led to chaos and decline in Oregon and the rest of the country. That extremism extends to their radical commitment to abortion until birth without limitation, that does not reflect what most Oregonians think.”

A recent poll conducted by DHM Research found that the majority of Oregonians would support a law limiting abortions in the third trimester except to save the life of the mother. Currently in Oregon, there are no limits on abortion at any point of pregnancy.


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