Oregon Right to Life PAC Holds Press Conference with Abortion Survivors

Keizer, OR—Monday, October 24, Oregon Right to Life PAC held a press conference with abortion survivors and pro-life legislators. Amy Miles of Astoria and Michelle Lyman of [TBD] shared their stories of surviving after attempted abortions. The survivors were accompanied by Senator Kim Thatcher (R–Keizer) and Representative Anna Scharf (R–Amity) who explained how current law in Oregon fails to protect infants born alive during attempted abortions.

“Babies right now, today are being born alive after an attempt to end their lives in an abortion; and are not being given medical care that they need and deserve,” said Amy Miles. She continued, “The reality is that had I been born today in this state, I would not have been given the chance to continue to live.”

Pro-life candidates have an opportunity to win several high-profile races throughout the state. If they win, these candidates could pursue pro-life legislation with broad public appeal, including protections for infants who are born alive after attempted abortions. A 2020 poll conducted by Ragnar Research Partners found that 78% of likely voters in Oregon support these measures. This finding was reinforced by a 2021 statistical model that found 72.2% of Oregonians likely support requiring medical care for infants who are born alive after an attempted abortion.

“Abortion activists across Oregon are attacking pro-life candidates for being extreme,” said Oregon Right to Life executive director, Lois Anderson. “We support common-sense protections that Oregonians broadly support, like providing medical care to infants who survive abortions. In reality, it’s pro-abortion politicians like Tina Kotek and Betsy Johnson, who voted against these protections, who are extreme.”

Oregon Right to Life PAC released an advertisement last week revealing Tina Kotek’s extreme position on medical care for survivors of abortion. Pro-life legislators have presented the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act every year for the past four years (HB 3423, 2019; SB 1042, 2019; SB 1523, 2020; HB 2699, 2021; SB 586, 2021; SB 1553, 2022). Both times it was in the Oregon House of Representatives, Kotek voted against ensuring life-saving medical care for babies who are born alive after attempted abortions.

A recording of this press conference can be found on Oregon Right to Life PAC’s website.


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