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Archive for January 2021

On the Closure of Lovejoy Surgicenter

Last week, news broke that Oregon’s largest independent and oldest abortion provider, Lovejoy Surgicenter, has closed, just shy of fifty years in business. They performed abortions until at least 24 weeks gestation, as advertised on their website. “Lovejoy Surgicenter has separated women from their children and children from their lives for years,” said Lois Anderson,…

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SCOTUS Upholds Safety Protocols for Chemical Abortions

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States upheld important safety protocols for chemical abortions. The Food and Drug Administration’s rule requires a woman to have an in-person doctor’s visit before undergoing a chemical (“medication”) abortion during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The Supreme Court was right to uphold the minimum safety protocols for chemical abortions,” says…

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Inclusivity in the Pro-Life Movement: From Our President

I can’t think of a better time as pro-lifers to renew our commitment to life-issues unity than the recent election of politicians who have built careers around advancing pro-choice policies. The idea that innocent human life should be protected is one that anyone can agree with, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or political beliefs. …

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In Light of Recent Events

After thoughtful consideration, counsel, and prayer, I have made the decision to postpone the Oregon March for Life. There is always a level of unpredictability that is a part of this event. Counter-protesters and others have tried to disrupt it, thankfully without success. However, the safety of our advocates, staff, and volunteers has and will…

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Portland Archdiocese Participates in National Service Project for Moms

2020 could be historically remembered as “The Year When Everything Hurt.” Every facet of life has been affected, often negatively, for nearly all people groups. This description includes pregnant girls and women in crisis. With the advent of massive job losses, nationwide lockdowns, social isolation and more, what was previously difficult (securing safe housing, finding…

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