On the Closure of Lovejoy Surgicenter

Last week, news broke that Oregon’s largest independent and oldest abortion provider, Lovejoy Surgicenter, has closed, just shy of fifty years in business. They performed abortions until at least 24 weeks gestation, as advertised on their website.

“Lovejoy Surgicenter has separated women from their children and children from their lives for years,” said Lois Anderson, ORTL executive director. “They also participated in gruesome scientific studies, trading body parts from aborted babies for financial compensation from Oregon Health and Sciences University.”

A source spoke with a Lovejoy abortion provider who said a doctor from Seattle hopes to purchase the business and open a clinic at a new, undisclosed location.

“For over fifty years, faithful, dedicated pro-life advocates have stood on the sidewalks outside Lovejoy offering hope and physical support to the women entering there,” continued Anderson. “There are countless children alive today because of their work. We are so grateful for the sacrifices they have made and will continue to make.”

Some of the first sidewalk advocates outside Lovejoy
Sidewalk advocates outside Lovejoy

  1. Answer to much prayer, fasting, side walk interventions by believers the last 50 years. PRAISE GOD! Many lives and tears have been shed over the atrocities performed in this death camp.
    HALLELUJAH !!!!!

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