How We Are Responding to COVID-19

When 2020 began, so did our fiftieth year of advocacy. While we are sad to still be needed 50 years later, we are proud to still be here and growing. We did not expect for things to change so quickly. The impact of the novel coronavirus is profound: half of my staff is working from home and our income has taken a 30% hit.

We’ve made it through similar economic crises over our 50 years. We’re confident that, with the support of the pro-life community, we will survive this one too. Oregon’s most vulnerable depend on us.

Despite adjustments we have had to make, we are still hard at work. It’s a big election year. My staff and our amazing volunteer PAC board did countless interviews with pro-life advocates who want to serve in elected office. We ended up with exactly 100 endorsed or recommended candidates on our 2020 primary voter guide! (Please vote by May 19!)

This summer, we are also hoping to still participate in fairs and festivals but if not, we’re working on other ways to reach Oregonians with the case for the humanity of the unborn child and bringing awareness of our unjust abortion laws.

We’ve also been working on rescheduling a couple major events: Launch and our annual auction.

The vulnerable need us to advocate for them during this time. We are continuing in all the ways that we can for now. We are looking forward to the time when we can resume many of our programs in person!


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