Non Nobis Solum Nati Sumus

Cicero said, “Non nobis solum nati sumus.” Not for ourselves alone are we born. Not for ourselves alone do we quarantine. Not for ourselves alone do we work and advocate.

This week has been hard. Our PAC board needed to make a very difficult decision. It’s one of the hardest I’ve participated in during my 20+ year tenure at ORTL.

But like Cicero said, we were obligated to make a decision not for ourselves but for the incredibly vulnerable Oregonians we exist to serve, the unborn. That decision cost me relationships I value and deeply impacted others.

When I took this job, I counted the cost. I knew that being in this painful position was inevitable. I’ve dedicated more than two decades of my life to advocating for the unborn. This week has bruised me but my resolve remains steadfast.

So today, for myself as much as for you, I wanted to share some good news:

A coalition of pro-life legislators responded to our request for help and sent a letter to the governor and the director of the Oregon Health Authority. Even though all other non-essential procedures have to be delayed until at least June, elective abortion procedures got a carve-out. That’s wrong. I’m grateful they used their platform to join with the advocates who have already spoken out. If you’d like to join them, click here to send an email to your governor. Share their letter on social media.

In partnership with Equal Rights Institute’s Josh Brahm, my deputy director Liberty has spent hours preparing for the free webinar, “Pro-Life Leaders in Quarantine: Best Practices & Insights.” The line-up of presenters is stellar. I’m excited to watch it all come together. Make sure you are signed up!

It remains to be seen if the fair season will happen at all or to what degree. My outreach staff, Nickie and Dawn, spend all summer helping advocates around the state pull off educational displays in over 30 fairs and festivals. My staff are working hard at finding innovative ways to continue to reach Oregonians with education and resources.

I hope you are able to find rest wherever you are this weekend. You are invaluable to me and to this movement.


  1. Lois- thank you for your thoughtful words of encouragement and call to action to all of us in PRC ministries. Our valued Client Service Manager, Dione, moved to Portland and is now actively ministering in the North Portland area pregnancy resource clinic. Your gain-our loss! But not really, as it is a joy to be united with other clinics in other states and even other nations in advocating for the precious unborn in our communities!

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