House Bill 2217 Passes the House, 37-21

Monday morning, April 22, the Oregon House of Representatives passed House Bill 2217 down party lines. House Bill 2217 will increase the number of ways that the lethal drugs can be administered in physician-assisted suicide, including intravenously, via injection, or through a gas mask.

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“Oregon has a problem with elder abuse already,” said Lois Anderson, ORTL executive director. “House Bill 2217 places vulnerable Oregonians in even greater danger. There is already no safety net in the law ensuring lethal drugs are taken voluntarily.”

“Today, the House voted to make it even easier for lethal drugs to be administered to vulnerable patients with no oversight,” continued Anderson. “Where there was a loophole, there can now be a highway leading Oregonians straight to euthanasia. This was nothing short of a dereliction of duty and reckless disregard for human life.”

Prior to the vote, three representatives delivered three letters of opposition to every representative: one signed by a coalition of organizations, one by 34 medical professionals, and one by Dr. Richard Doerflinger, an expert on bioethics.

“Let the record show that they were educated when they made this vote,” said Anderson. “They knew the risks for their constituents and still voted in favor of this dangerous piece of legislation.”

To contact your representative about their vote, please click here.


  1. Well said Anderson!! This is frightening in the extreme, and shakes a fist in the face of God who created these lives and lovingly watches over them, but at the same time will not come against an individual’s free will. God have mercy on us all!

  2. We have to exercise our power on the ballot and vote these people out who are not serving the citizens.

  3. Sorry this is so wrong!
    Twenty plus years ago dr. Kevorkian was the worst thing, now it’s ok. My father had Alzheimer’s and I still couldn’t think of doing something so immoral. We all have to live with what we do but only God will judge us.

  4. Thanks to all the champions of Life at ORTL who fight the good fight even when the odds are against them.

  5. I am personally stunned by the short-sightedness that those in favor showed by their vote. They failed to consider what can be done to THEM when THEY get old and infirm!!!!

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