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Archive for April 2018

HB 4135 is Law. Now What?

House Bill 4135, the advance directive bill, brought end-of-life care to the forefront of all of our minds. Its passage left many wondering what happened during the legislative session and what we can do under this new law. When HB 4135 passed from the House into the Senate, courageous pro-life senators wanted to fix the…

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Planned Parenthood vs. Little Girls

The worst form of discrimination against women in our time is one that is virtually ignored by feminists. The abortion industry has long billed itself as a champion of women’s rights. Almost 30 years ago, the head of the National Abortion Rights Action League, or NARAL, told The New York Times that “Abortion is the…

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Everyone Deserves an Advocate

Lois Anderson Executive Director

My social media news feed in the last month has been filled with wonderful posts about children and adults with Down syndrome. The fact that World Down Syndrome Day was March 21st had something to do with it. Even before those celebrations ramped up, the aborting of unborn children with Down syndrome was in the…

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2018 Voter Guide

ENDORSEMENTS & RECOMMENDATIONS Oregon Right to Life PAC’s goal is to elect the strongest and most effective voices for the protection of innocent human life from fertilization to natural death. This voter guide is a list of endorsed and recommended candidates for public office researched by the ORTL PAC staff and volunteer Board of Directors.

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The Primary Challenge

David Kilada Political Director

Oregon Right to Life PAC has traditionally spent significant time and resources to win primary elections. Because we are in the midst of the 2018 primary, I think it would be helpful to explain why this is a critical part of our work. In Oregon, it hasn’t always been true that elected Republican officials were…

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