Humbled and Honored

I love September. It was my favorite month growing up. It meant school starting, new supplies, new clothes, maybe new shoes if I needed them. It also meant glorious days, sunny but cool, and ripe blackberries for a snack on the walk home from the bus stop. If I didn’t have too much homework, an afternoon horseback ride would be on the agenda. Now, as a mom of four busy kids, over the years September has morphed into a blur of paperwork, carpools, and back to school nights. This year, however, some of that old excitement returned as I start a new adventure as executive director.

My vision as executive director for Oregon Right to Life is to stay focused on our mission to advocate for the most vulnerable human beings whose right to life is denied or abridged under current law. We work to reestablish protection for all innocent life, from conception to natural death. Our team at Oregon Right to Life does this by inspiring you and other pro-life Oregonians with ideas and information, giving support to your efforts with tools and resources, and amplifying your voice through advocacy at the local, state, and federal level.

We are fulfilling this mission in some exciting ways. We are currently creating new, more culturally-engaging materials for our booths and events. If you stopped by our State Fair booth, you saw some of them. Events offer many opportunities to have conversations that cut through all the media noise. That person-to-person connection is priceless. We have added a new member, Jessica Stanton, as the PAC/communications assistant to our advocacy team. She is smart, articulate, and energetic. Our communications efforts continue to improve and, when the legislature pulled a fast one over the July 4th holiday by passing HB 3391, we were able to quickly respond, which resulted in some well-deserved negative coverage of this action.

Gayle Atteberry was a phenomenal executive director and we have all benefitted from her leadership, counsel, and indefatigable energy. While I am sad to see her go, I am humbled and honored to succeed her and am looking forward to working with you to bring our mission to life. Let’s get to work.


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