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Archive for April 2016

Dismemberment Abortions

WARNING: The following blog is very graphic Abortion is a grisly business. The main reason it continues is that no one can see the dead babies. If the public were able to see the carnage being done behind the abortion clinic’s doors, there would be an uprising. Most abortions are done during the first nine…

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Primary 2016: Four Important Pro-Lifers You Need to Know About

I want to make sure you know about four pro-life men who are running for office this primary election. Ted Cruz – U.S. President It really is difficult to overstate the importance of this election.   We have had a series of close and important Presidential elections.  It would be tempting to take a diversion here…

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Unjust Legalities

Pro-Life Hero David Daleidan

The following news excerpts from an article from my favorite pro-life news site,, details the outrageous, politically-motivated raid of David Daleiden’s home by California’s attorney general. The Tuesday raid terrifies me as we see a flagrant abuse of power. “The pro-abortion California attorney general’s office raided on Tuesday the home of the undercover investigator…

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California AG Raids Home of David Daleiden

david daledian

This newest action instigated by Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses reveals the extent to which they will go to protect their money stream and cover up their horrific practice of selling baby-parts. It is  terrifying that legal authorities are willing to wield their power and  pervert the justice system in such a way as…

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FDA Relaxes RU-486 Guidelines Endangers Women

Pregnant and worrried

Salem, OR—On Wednesday, in response to a request by the U.S. distributor of RU-486, the Food and Drug Administration released new guidelines for “the abortion pill.” They modified dosages, changed the administration, reduced the number of office visits, expanded the prescriber pool, and extended the time frame when the drugs may be used. Though this…

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