Utilize the Moment

Sharolyn Smith

While mainstream media outlets may choose to ignore the ongoing scandal, you hold in your hand tremendous power to share the truth. Use your smart phone to share and discuss the reality of abortion.

There are many ways to do this. Here are some suggestions of where to direct the conversation. Talk about the baby. Discussions surrounding the humanity of the preborn child have been the most effective in changing opinions.

  • Preborn babies are innocent victims, not commodities.
  • The abortion industry is preying on mothers and profiting from them rather than offering help.
  • There is a fundamental conflict of interest when the person committing the abortion is also involved in supplying and profiting from a product harvested from that act.
  • No amount of rules and regulations can solve this. Abortion itself is the problem because a child dies.

Author Eric Metaxas has repeatedly called this our Wilberforce moment. William Wilberforce is known for exposing his fellow members of Parliament to the reality of slavery in ways that were shocking to the culture of upper class England. Similarly, we have been given this opportunity to make available to anyone with a computer or smart phone the chance to pull back the veil hiding the abortion industry.  Wilberforce is credited with leading the movement that abolished the slave trade in Great Britain. Let’s grab this moment and make it count for the abolition of abortion in our time.


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