Year-End Giving: Things to Remember

  • Charitable giving benefits you, as well as Oregon Right to Life! You will enjoy knowing that your generosity has made a difference and will help Oregon Right to Life fulfill its life-saving mission. And, of course, there are usually tax benefits related to charitable giving.
  • Appreciated assets, like stock or real estate, can make great gifts! For example, if you have owned stock for at least a year and a day, you can receive full value for the gift, including all the appreciation. What’s more, neither you nor Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation will have to pay capital gains tax on the gift. The more the stock has appreciated, the greater the benefit. Your tax advisor can lay out the specifics for you.
  • Tax-wise, charitable gifts often require advanced action, so start early. A stock gift usually takes more time to complete than writing and mailing a check. Real estate gifts require even more time, often several weeks. You should plan for time to discuss non-cash gifts with your financial advisor.
  • Charitable gifts can be accelerated. That is, you can reach into next year and pull your charitable giving into the current year. There are several reasons why this might make sense. For example, you may be looking at a higher tax bill this year. Additional giving this year may create a higher charitable income tax deduction and help ease your added tax burden.

At Oregon Right to Life, we are happy to answer questions about how your gifts are being effectively used to change hearts and save lives. Please consult your tax advisor to determine the giving option that is best for you. It would not be possible for us to do the work we do without our faithful donors. Thank you in advance for your incredible generosity!


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