Oregon Right to Life sues mandate that it cover abortion in its health insurance plan

Today Oregon Right to Life (“ORTL”) sued for relief from Oregon’s requirement (the “Mandate”) that ORTL provide coverage in its employee health-insurance plan for abortion. The Mandate violates ORTL’s religious liberty protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The Mandate was enacted in 2017 as the Reproductive Health Equity Act (“RHEA”). It is […]

2023 Legislative Session Produces Some Pro-Life Victories

Salem, Ore.—The 2023 legislative session adjourned sine die the afternoon of Sunday, June 25. The session was dominated by the longest walkout in Oregon’s history, which occurred partly in response to extreme abortion bills like House Bill 2002. As a result of the extended denial of quorum, pro-life senators secured significant concessions. “We’re proud of […]

Pro-Life Senators Secure Substantial Concessions

Salem, OR—On June 15, 2023, the Oregon Senate passed an amended House Bill 2002. Senate Republicans reached an agreement to end their six-week walkout and restart the legislative session. After more than a month of the Senate being unable to conduct floor business, Democrats agreed to a number of concessions on key legislation. Initiated in […]

Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Resolution to Enshrine Abortion in Oregon Constitution

Salem, Ore.—The Senate Committee on Rules held a public hearing on Senate Joint Resolution 33, which seeks to enshrine abortion rights in the Oregon State Constitution. If enacted, the resolution would likely reinforce the current laws in Oregon that allow abortion for any reason until birth.Oregon Right to Life executive director Lois Anderson testified that, […]

House Committee Considers Bill Decriminalizing Post-Birth Abortion

Salem, Ore.—On Monday, March 20, 2023, the House Committee on Behavioral Health and Health Care held a public hearing on House Bill 2002. HB 2002 removes the previous limitation requiring parental consent for abortions performed on children younger than 15. The bill also eliminates the crime of “concealing the birth of an infant,” effectively shielding […]