Equipped for Life Sharpens Skills for Pro-Life Advocates

Josh Brahm has a big goal: help the entire pro-life movement in America shift direction. As one of the nation’s leading pro-life apologists and president of the Equal Rights Institute (ERI), Brahm has been doing exactly that since founding ERI in 2014. ERI’s stated aim is to help “pro-life advocates to think clearly, reason honestly […]

Pro-Life Medical Practice Opens in West Linn

When Dr. William Toffler opened the doors of his new medical clinic on September 8, 2020, he wasn’t just giving the town of West Linn a new healthcare option. Instead, he was opening the doors to a new portion of his career: that of running a clinic built entirely on the foundations of Catholic faith.  […]

Medication Abortions Reversible Halfway Through

Approximately one-third of abortions in the U.S. are medication abortions, where mothers swallow one pill to starve their unborn child to death, then another to labor and deliver their son’s or daughter’s corpse. The entire process can be done at home. A 2019 FDA report linked the deaths of 24 women with medication abortion, along […]

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Viability-Related Case

Pro-life advocates across the nation celebrated when the Supreme Court announced in mid-May that it would hear a Mississippi case on whether states can ban second-trimester abortions before the baby can survive outside his or her mother’s womb.  The state of Mississippi is specifically asking America’s highest court to allow them to enforce a voter-approved […]

Marching for Life in Springtime

The 2021 Oregon March for Life proceeded around the Oregon Capitol mall. The crowd, estimated at nearly 2,000, gathered in front of the Capitol on Saturday, April 17 for the first-ever spring march after the regular January event was postponed. Every year, advocates of all ages remember the 61 million innocent lives lost to legal […]