Tragedy Reminds Us to Value Life


In the wake of the Orlando mass shooting, our country is reeling once again from an atrocious injustice against human life. Terrorism unveils evil to us and it is so ugly. We mourn the loss of those irreplaceable human beings whose lives were cut short on June 12, 2016, and we wonder what ideology could […]

Speaking Seminar – Don’t Miss It!

Are you tongue-tied? Learn effective strategies and techniques on how to speak about life issues to your church or community group. Saturday, October 8, 2016 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Lunch included) Salem, Oregon Cost $10, with lunch included Register by contacting  

Three Things About Old Faithful


Summer travel season is here, and that reminds me of a visit to Yellowstone National Park. As a visitor, you find yourself standing with the crowds to see the eruption of the world’s most famous geyser, Old Faithful. Though there are many geysers in the park, there is only one Old Faithful. As you watch […]

Me Before You, People With Disabilities Aren’t Better Off Dead


In a new film, “Me Before You,” audiences are taught it’s better, and maybe even more romantic, to die than to live with a disability. Some qualified voices strongly protest. The culture of death is making major inroads this month. With a new California physician-assisted suicide law going into effect [on June 9], the efforts […]

Action Alert – Fair Booth Volunteers


Volunteer for your county’s summer fair booth! Oregon Right to Life needs your help with our pro-life educational displays at county fairs around the state. Please join this educational effort aimed at changing people’s hearts and minds about abortion and other life issues by volunteering at a fair booth in your community. Training is available. […]